Thankful for the sunshine . . .

I’ve never been much of a winter person, I hate being stuck indoors, being cold.  I love the sun!  I love the way it makes you feel so positive, so happy, so free and like anything is a possibility. 


Of course, the other thing I like about the sunshine is playing outside in the garden with Little Bean.  She’s a total busybody and will NEVER just sit and chill out, so at the slightest hint of sunshine, she now declares “side”, which in Little Bean language means “outside”.  She runs off to fetch her trainers (even if she’s in her PJ’s!!) and will charge around the garden finding things to do.

When Daddy was cutting the grass at the weekend, she snuck into the shed found the sledge from the snow, and set it down on the grass, declaring it was her “boat” I have never seen her sit in one place for so long.  Whatever was going on in her head I would love to know but she was loving it.

She has a crooked house in the garden with tables and chairs in there, she takes toys into her house and will play happily by herself.  She takes “baby” into the garden and takes her on the slide and swing – she is just totally in her element out there and of course, I love it because I get to sit in the sunshine and relax.

Last week we played football together for about half an hour.  Well actually, I kicked the ball around the garden and she chased me all over giggling her little head off.  When I did let her have the ball she would kick it straight into the goal, lift her hands in the air and shout “yay”.

And what’s the other good thing about playing out in the garden? Lots of fresh air equals one very tired toddler keen to get to bed! 

Roll on the summer I say, it’s going to be a good one!  I love days like this with my Little Bean.

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