Happiness is a heartbeat!

Today was a magical day for me as I got to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time, on Monday this week I turned 17 weeks pregnant and today I had one of my appointments with the Midwife. I took Little Bean along with me who as usual amused me greatly. Firstly she wanted her blood pressure checking (because she wants to do everything that Mummy does) and then after the Midwife had a feel of my tummy she promptly climbed up onto the bed and pulled her top up so that MW could have a feel of her tummy too.

Happiness is a heartbeat! 1

I began feeling flutters from baby about 3-4 weeks ago but only every now and then. Typically because I’ve been consciously checking for the flutters I haven’t really felt them for the past week so I was starting to get very nervous about attending my appointment today. I even had a dream last night that the MW couldn’t find the heartbeat – so my smile totally broke my face today when the heartbeat was heard good and strong. Little Bean put her finger to her ear (as she always does when she hears a strange noise) and said “oh noise!”. The MW told her that it was the baby in Mummy’s tummy and Little Bean looked at her as if to say, “yes I do know – duh!”.
We returned home after the appointment and went out in the garden to play football (handball to Little Bean!) but I tired very quickly and so went to sit down on the bench to enjoy the sunshine and watch my gorgeous girl playing in her wendy house and on her slide. As I sat there in my sun trap baking I think baby decided it was a little too warm for them as I started to feel the kicks good and proper. I had almost forgotten what an amazing feeling that is and now I can’t wait for the movements to start up in earnest.


  • supersinglemum

    April 14 at 8:37 pm

    Ahhhh I’m so pleased for you! I remember every time I went to the midwife I was worried about the heartbeat! It’s a magical sound. Can’t believe your 17 weeks already though!!!!! Almost half way already!!!!

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