Countdown to the 20 wk scan!!

I can hardly contain my excitement. Next Tuesday, we’ll be heading to the maternity unit for a momentous occasion – the 20 wk scan! It’s a day when we get to meet our little wriggler and, more importantly, discover whether it’s a boy or a girl. Unlike with Little Bean, we’ve decided to lift the veil of mystery this time around, primarily due to our impending house move and an attic filled with boxes of girly pink clothes. If it’s a blue bump we’re expecting, those pink mountains will have to make way!

The Ring Test and Gender Speculations

20 wk scan

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve had fun with the old “ring test.” Each time, the ring has swung in circles, suggesting a pink bump. However, everyone I know seems convinced that I’m carrying a boy. To be honest, I’ll be thrilled with either gender because, ultimately, it’s the baby’s health and happiness that matters most. Curly, our bundle of joy, has expressed a desire for a baby brother this time, judging by the numerous names he’s picked out. He adores his sister, but perhaps he’s yearning for something different or worries about being the only boy in the family.

The Desire for a Mummy’s Boy

When I was expecting Little Bean, I secretly wished for a daughter to give my husband something he didn’t have. I also looked forward to nurturing a mother-daughter bond, similar to the one I share with my own mum. While that connection continues to flourish, I’ve noticed that Little Bean is also quite the daddy’s girl, which warms my heart. Nevertheless, there are days when I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have a “Mummy’s boy.” It may sound contradictory, but I take pride in my daughter’s stubbornness and strong will, attributes that remind me of myself. Yet, when I hear other mothers talk about their easy-going boys, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. But then again, I’ve always appreciated a good challenge!

Little Bean’s Preferences

Too early for terrible 2s!

We decided to involve Little Bean in the excitement by asking her if she wanted a brother or a sister. Surprisingly, she initially said “sister,” even though she often leans toward boys. However, when we inquired further about whether she wanted a boy sister or a girl sister, her response was crystal clear – a boy sister! Well, that settles things a bit.

A Parent’s Perspective

As for my husband, he thinks it would be lovely to have another little girl, especially considering the closeness in age to Little Bean. But honestly, I don’t believe it matters all that much. What we do know for certain is that we’ll cherish this little wriggler with all our hearts, regardless of their gender. Next week, we hope to unravel the mystery and answer that burning question!

Share Your Thoughts

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your preferences when it comes to having boys or girls? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Countdown to the 20 wk scan!!”

  1. Oh no no no not all your friends think your having a boy, I have thought from the start you are having a girl and still do. Now I used to be spot on with my guesses until having my own kids and I have been wrong (including with both my own), so I am prepared to hear the opposite next week, but I still think it’s a girl!!!
    And I know exactly what you mean about also wanting a boy, I was the same esp. when my pregnancy with H was sooooo different to with B, I was convinced she was a boy but no, and to be honest I couldn’t imaging her being a boy now, I love my 2 pink and girly girls lol!!! Can’t wait to get the text from you!!!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting, I was so excited about finding out about Baba. I couldn’t wait to know! Great blog by the way! xx

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