• Vacuum cleaner

    Important Features To Consider When Buying Vacuum Cleaners

    Homes that use even a single piece of carpet must ensure that they maintain it well to minimize dust and dirt accumulation on the luxurious floor covering to create a healthy indoor environment. To attain the goal, which in turn also enhances the carpet life, homeowners must regularly vacuum carpets by using a heavy-duty vacuum […]

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  • Cleaning

    Cleaning tips – how to organise your time

    Keeping your home clean does not need to eat up all of your time. There are many ways to organise cleaning time into manageable bits that still get the job done. What works for you? You can better organise your cleaning time when you understand what works for you. Some cleaning personalities do best with […]

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  • Vacuum

    How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

    How can I keep them cleaner for longer? These two age-old questions are something that professional carpet cleaners get asked all the time. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the first question of how often to get them cleaned, there are a number of golden rules to follow to make your carpets stay cleaner for […]

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  • Features That Make a Utile Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners have become utile in improving the cleaning process and standards in your homes and offices. Nonetheless, the ever-growing market the vacuum cleaner industry keeps producing new models, which can confuse the customer. The large variety coupled with the fancy tech names amidst other marketing mumbo jumbo prompts you to ask one question hat […]

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  • Vax Air Cordless

    Vax Air Cordless Lift Duo Review

    With four children in the house it’s safe to say that we need to vacuum our house regularly, if it isn’t the fluff off their socks sticking to the carpets, it’s the food that they have been told 1000 times NOT to take out of the kitchen or little bits of paper, sequins and beads […]

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  • Dyson Small Ball

    Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor DC40 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

       The new Dyson small ball features the powerful Dyson suction, yet is 50% quieter and ultra-lightweight.  Being introduced to Dyson vacuum cleaners through my blog has revolutionised cleaning in our household. Prior to Dyson we had only ever bought small cylinder vacuum cleaners which we felt were doing a good job. Then we used Dyson […]

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