Bissell Stain Eraser Carpet Cleaner for those Christmas Spills

Imagine this . . . Christmas morning, everyone is sitting around the Christmas tree watching the children excitedly opening their presents, glass of Mulled Wine in hand (the adults NOT the children). One child asks “please can you help me build this?” so the glass of Mulled Wine gets placed at the end of the table. Suddenly . . . crash, the Mulled Wine gets knocked off the table, onto the freshly painted walls and all over the new cream carpet. Yes this was us on our first Christmas in our new house. Obviously it was an accident but with the shops all closed on Christmas Day what do you do without a carpet cleaner? You can’t run out and buy the necessary cleaning products and with all the busy Christmas preparations you didn’t think to stock up your household cleaning cupboard, why would you?

Be prepared

Carpet Cleaner

Seven years ago, we needed the Bissell Cordless Stain Eraser Carpet Cleaner. Instead we had kitchen roll, white wine and a stained carpet. This year, we are prepared!! We have the Stain Eraser in our arsenal and we have already put it through it’s paces so we know it’s capabilities.

Bissell Stain Eraser

The Stain Eraser is the cordless carpet cleaner ready to go when you need to clean spots, spills and stains when they happen. The cordless design means that you don’t have to mess about unplugging the Christmas lights or the new toy which is charging, you can just fill up the tank with water and Bissell Formula, spray it onto the stain and leave for a few minutes to work it’s magic. On the underside of the Stain Eraser is a hard bristle brush to help agitate the stain whilst the strong suction of the vacuum sucks away the liquid taking the stains and spills with it.

For all your soft furnishings

The Bissell Stain Eraser can be used on carpets and upholstery, car interiors and other hard to reach areas. We tested the carpet cleaner on a cream carpet mat which was sent to us along with a number of common household items which are likely to get spilled over the Christmas period. The Stain Eraser with the help of the Bissell formula permanently removes stains such as red wine, gravy, chocolate, coffee, fruit juice and food grease. We have also had to test it on animal urine and vomit thanks to Bram!

Testing, testing

Bissell Stain Eraser

Did it work?

I must admit, when I saw how much gravy, red wine and chocolate Hubby poured onto the rug I did think “it’s not going to work!”. You would be having a really bad day if you spilled all of those on the carpet at one time so we definitely put the Stain Eraser through it’s paces. You’ll have to watch the video below to see how it coped.

Easy to operate

The Bissell Stain Eraser is completely foolproof to operate. There are two water tanks on the eraser, one which you fill with water and Bissell formula on the front near to the handle. It even has little marks to tell you where to fill the water to and then where to fill the formula to.

Once charged the Stain Eraser carpet cleaner has around 15 minutes run time which is more than adequate for cleaning up spills and stains. We cleaned this rug and did spot cleans around the house to get rid of shoe polish and makeup stains (don’t you just love kids).

When you switch on the Stain Eraser and tilt it forward the spray comes out the front, as soon as you place the Stain Eraser to the surface it begins to suck up the liquid, taking the spills and stain with it.

Battery Specifications

With a 15 minute run time and a 7.2 volt lithium-ion battery, this unit will quickly clean up those unwanted spots and stains around your home as it only takes 4 hours to fully charge. Lithium-ion retains its charge for months until used. It is lightweight and easy to use with a compact design that makes it easy store in an upright or horizontal position.

Bissell Stain Eraser in action

This is what happened when Hubby put the Stain Eraser through it’s paces . . .

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