Features That Make a Utile Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have become utile in improving the cleaning process and standards in your homes and offices. Nonetheless, the ever-growing market the vacuum cleaner industry keeps producing new models, which can confuse the customer. The large variety coupled with the fancy tech names amidst other marketing mumbo jumbo prompts you to ask one question what makes a good vacuum cleaner for you? The answer to this question will help you push through all the marketing confusion and nonsense to make an informed decision. All About Vacuums is a reputable company that provides all sorts of brands, accessories, and styles of vacuum cleaners. This article has taken the liberty to guide you towards making that informed decision, by providing you with features that fundamentally make a utile vacuum cleaner.


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A vacuum cleaner may look enticing on that online site, say Amazon, where pictures are taken from strategic positions, and discounts are impossible to ignore. However, that is part of the marketing mumbo jumbo that confuses you into buying a less durable, low-performing machine which you may only realize after spending a load of money. With the top brands in mind, like https://www.aspirapolveresenzafili.com/recensione-xiaomi-dreame-v10/, you have nothing to worry about. The name that marks the vacuum cleaner you choose greatly determines the machine’s manufacturing standard. You can visit pickvacuumcleaner.com for commonly mentioned brands within the vacuum cleaner reviews section.

Suction Power

It is common for most people to pass up a vacuum cleaner’s suction power for its electricity consumption capacity. Most individuals that do this may not realize that the suction power highly determines the efficiency of your vacuum machine in terms of surfaces it can and cannot clean. Suction strengths which are usually measured in either Pa, HP or AWS, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, form the difference between a good vacuum cleaner for carpets and other fabric surfaces and one effective on only hard surfaces. The higher the suction strength, the better suited it is for fabric surfaces and the strength, therefore, is lower for hard surfaces.

Filtration System

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The filtration system in a vacuum cleaner keeps the dust sucked into the vacuum cleaner inside as air is released through the machine’s exhaust port. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner with a poor filtration system is useless, considering that the dust you are trying to eradicate is returned via the exhaust port. However, you should check for HEPA filters from the vacuum cleaner you are interested in since they enable the machine to filter 99.97% of all airborne particles measuring up to 0.3 microns. While going through vacuum cleaner reviews, you may find words such as “HEPA-like” or “HEPA-Type” that are manufacturers trying to fool you. Ignore such and look for only “HEPA filter” or “True-HEPA.”


Manufacturers can add extra accessories to the machine that make them extra efficient in the execution of your home cleaning or the machine’s maintenance. An addition such as a motorized pet hair tool is a utile addition for individuals with pets. Some also come with extensive wands for users that do not limit their vacuum cleaning to the floor surfaces.

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