7 Back To School: Bag Essentials

As the weeks fly through the wonderful summer holidays, as soon as August nears the calendar, it is time to start thinking about school essentials and supplies to make the upcoming year great.

The school shopping list seems to get bigger and bigger each year, which is why it is important to make that list in the first place to ensure that all the essential items your child might need are within their reach.

Back To School: Bag Essentials

A well-stocked school bag full of essential items will help your child make their school day an easier one, as although your school years are often described as the ‘best years of your life, they are undoubtedly some of the trickiest to navigate. 

The following items should go on your list of ‘don’t forget to get!’. 

Lunch Box

Even if your child is at the high school, a palace where many kids discover the freedom of getting their lunch at local cafes or shops around the school during their lunchtimes, they may still require a packed lunch box. 

Within high school, many kids get the opportunity to try lunchtime clubs that can further allow them to expand their interests and that further education experience application. 

For this reason, you should make sure they at least have access to a spare plastic box or bag that could be used to transport their lunch. This will prevent accidents relating to squashed bananas bursting all over important notebooks.  

Your child should also stay hydrated as best as possible to make sure they can truly focus on their learning, so make sure you get them a good reusable water bottle too. This is particularly important if they have any after-school sports activities.

Gym Bag Essentials 

Gym bag

Nothing is worse than getting that last-minute panic-stricken text from your child about the items they’ve forgotten to pack ahead of any after-school sports activities! This is why it is important to go through the contents of their bag the night before, alongside making an action plan for the things you need to buy ahead of term time, even starting. 

Does your child have the appropriate sports shoe needs? Do they require something like a sports snood to keep them warm during outside activities, or do they have the correct colour of tights needed for their dance recital? 

Don’t forget to add an extra pair of socks they can give out to anyone that forgets, or even a pack of blister plasters for any new sports shoes they may be just breaking in. Sometimes the after-school sports activities they do may come at a small risk of injury, so it is important to make sure you plan for the things that could happen. Never underestimate the need for an extra water bottle or even that extra pair of underwear.

Pencil Case Items

Although buying pens, pencils and rubbers may be something you have to get a few times a year; it is important to check with your child whether they need any specialist items. 

These items could include a scientific calculator or compass set. Alternatively, if your child is artistically inclined, they may need art equipment if the school cannot provide what your child might need. 

The older your child gets, the more you may notice that their needs will differ, particularly as they get older and more specialised in the school subjects they are studying. 

Although the older your child gets, the more ensuring that they have the equipment they need should be their responsibility, sometimes keeping on top of things can be hard. So make sure you check in with your child regularly. 

A Binder With Poly Pockets

Even if your child is still at a lower level of education, giving them a dedicated binder with poly pockets means that any school letters or loose papers they bring home will survive the journey. Providing they don’t forget to use them. 

Providing such items can help your child learn more about the organisation and ensure things are looked after. This can help avoid any stresses associated with not being able to find things or missing an important deadline because something was forgotten about. 

Portable Charger

Portable charger

Although this suggestion might seem a little left field, given our technological age, many kids as young as the primary school will begin to have mobile phones. It can be easy to assume that your children will not require technology until they are much older; giving them access to being able to contact you when needed can be a great safety device. 

After all, sometimes after-school activities can get cancelled at the last minute, and if you live somewhere difficult to access without public transport, it will be a saving grace for your child to phone you about that change of plans. 

By providing a small portable charger for those times that their phone runs out of battery, you can ensure that they are never stranded and always on hand to lend a phone or a charge to their friends who need help. 

Little Bag Of Hygiene Products

Lastly, a little bag of hygiene products will never go a miss. A mini-deodorant, a hairbrush, lip balm and even some plasters will undoubtedly be welcomed, particularly the older your child gets. We all know that bodies undergo a huge change during puberty, so why not give them a little something to help avoid any embarrassment?

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