8 Tips to Save Money While Shopping Online

8 Tips to Save Money While Shopping Online

While shopping online can save you time and effort, it doesn’t always translate to money savings. With that said, there are things you can do when shopping online to bring the total of your shopping cart down as low as possible. Believe it or not, some very astute online shoppers have turned saving money into an art form.

8 Tips to Save Money While Shopping Online

Here are eight tips you can consider to help you save money when you decide to do your shopping online with online retailers.

1. Stack offers

Sometimes, saving big money while shopping online is as easy as making the right purchases at the right time. If you have access to a Lazada discount code or sams club promo codes, you can increase your savings by waiting to buy applicable products when they are also on sale from the manufacturer.

2. Use the KCL app

When shopping online, it helps to get heads-up information about sales without having to scour your inbox. If you download the KCL app, you will get instant notifications about major sales and sales items from top retailers like Kohl’s, Target, Gap, Old Navy, Macy’s, JC Penney, major grocery store chains, and more.

3. Shop for Appliances and Electronics Through Greentoe

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Most consumers are unaware that some retailers might be willing to accept lower than advertised prices if asked to do so. With an app like Greentoe, you can select the appliance or electronic device you want, name your price, and hopefully find a retailer that will accept your offer.

4. Check eBates

There are some excellent apps for shopping portals available to shoppers everywhere. An app like eBates can typically offer consumers rebates of 2% or more on selected merchandise purchased through the app. Two per cent might not sound like a lot on one purchase, but it can really add up over multiple purchases.

5. Use a VPN and Clear Cookies When Shopping

Online retailers have the ability to identify you through the cookies they leave and your IP address. Airlines are notorious for raising and lowering prices on flights based on information they gather from cookies. Anything you can do to block them from recognising you can help you avoid markups typically reserved for unaware frequent shoppers.

6. Use Ibotta

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Ibotta is another shopping portal that is similar to eBates. Using this particular app, you can earn cashback rebates of up to 10%, with the rebate money sent directly to your PayPal account after the applicable purchase has been consummated.

7. Use Multiple Email Accounts

Many retailers allocate their coupons based on email addresses. If you have the time, you could receive extra coupons by opening up additional shopping accounts tied to extra email addresses you can create.

8. Tantalise Retailers With Prospective Purchases

This is a fascinating shopping strategy. You start by filling up your shopping cart with the merchandise you want or need. Then let it sit for a few days and eventually abandon it. Some retailers will see that as a lost sale and come back with discount offers on items in your cart.

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