Venue Hire Ideas For The Perfect Engagement Party In Dublin

Congratulations on your engagement! Or better yet, if you are considering proposing but would like to have that engagement party venue sorted right here in Dublin, this blog is definitely for you! Sometimes the best thing you can do is make sure you are prepared for the future, as it’ll creep on you before you know it.

Dublin is the perfect place to host your engagement party, whether it’s an intimate venue for a few friends or the biggest party you’ve ever put on, outside the plans for the actual wedding day. 

Engagement party

We’ve compiled a list of some interesting places for you to consider when planning your engagement party, even if you end up using your Mam’s back garden for it all instead.

For A Lively Atmosphere: Bad Bobs

Bad Bobs is situated at the Temple Bar, making it the perfect central location for everyone to gather, and when it comes to a lively atmosphere, this place has got you covered. 

They have two floors to choose from: their wonderful rooftop bar or even a private cocktail bar space tucked away to be used for a much smaller and more intimate affair. 

They have live performers in the space every single night, yes, Monday to Sunday, which is great if the number one thing on your list is to choose a place with some live music. 

A DJ plays from 10 pm to close every Friday and Saturday night, ensuring the party goes into the early morning hours. So, this place is the ultimate pick for having a big, fun blowout with all your friends and family.

For An Intimate Vibe: Crow Street

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If you like the sound of being in Temple Bar but want something a lot quieter and more intimate, then Crow Street is the perfect place for you. You might find yourself in Dublin, but this venue space has New York-style influences that make it a little more special. 

If you have gotten engaged in New York, this place would be perfect for continuing the theme with all your friends and family. It’s a great space, not just due to the New York vibes.

They have a brilliant function room for private hire that can fit around 70 guests. The speak-easy style bar also has a piano if you hire a Jazz pianist to set the tone of the space. 

Regarding food catering in the space, you can guarantee that the food options will also be fantastic because the venue is a restaurant.

For That Little Bit Of Sophistication: The Blue Room at The Croke Park Hotel

Your main priority is to organise a wonderful sit-down meal with your nearest and dearest to celebrate this amazing event in your life; in that case, The Blue Room at The Croke Park Hotel will be the ideal place for this to happen. Their menu focuses on excellent local produce alongside an especially selected drinks selection.

This venue has more than enough space to seat 100 people comfortably, so you can make sure that nobody is forgotten about and can bring that brand new significance that is new to the scene. You might help save some of those awkward, ‘I’m sorry, there are no space’ conversations. 

For The Ultimate Wow Factor: Drimnagh Castle

Engagement party

Although this might seem like the most impossible and extravagant idea, tiring a castle for your engagement party is an option; Drimnagh Castle is accessible and is one of the unique places you can bag for your big do. 

With capacities ranging from 35 to 60 people hosted within The Great Hall of the castle, it is a lovely place to have that special event. 

After all, what better place to treat yourself like royalty? The castle is situated on beautiful grounds that can also be used to get those amazing engagement photos to celebrate your special union.

In Conclusion

Your Wedding Day does not have to be the only special day you celebrate when it comes to celebrating your relationship; your engagement should also be celebrated. After all, you never know what life might throw at you.

For this reason, Dublin is a fantastic place to have your big celebration, as several different venues of all different vibes are readily available for you to choose from, whether you are choosing a small intimate style function room or even celebrating this event in a historic castle.

However you choose to celebrate your engagement, as long as it is exactly what you want and makes yourself and your partner happy, then your decision is the right one. 

You might invite a few people to your house instead, instead of having that engagement party. No matter your decision, we wish you all the best in your search!

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