Six Important Things to Remember for Your Next Summer Family Party

The summer season is often the most popular time to throw a family party. If it is on your to-do list, ensure the party is enjoyable to all guests, including the host/hostess.

The warmer temperatures during the summer make it the ideal time to gather your favorite people to enjoy a BBQ or a backyard game night. Consider pairing the party with a theme that highlights delicious and memorable cocktails made from Absolut Drink recipes plus your summertime food favorites.

Greet Each Guest

Summer Family Party

Each guest that arrives should be welcomed to your party. Take a moment to say hi and chat. Then, orient them, so they know where to find food, drinks, fun, and the restrooms. Introduce guests to other party goers they may not know or have not seen for some time.

Make it Easy on Yourself

When planning, make sure you separate the required tasks that can be done ahead of time. Remember, everyone should enjoy a family party, including the host or hostess! If you are an amazing chef, focus on the food and try to choose party decorations that can be done in advance.

Non-cooks should order from a favorite local restaurant, so you can be certain your guests (and you) enjoy the food.

Remember, a party will not be ruined if it is not perfectly executed. In fact, an unanticipated moment during a family get-together will likely create a memory that is retold for many years to come.

Choose the Right Music

Garden party

Music is a mood maker. The right music depends on the type of party you want. Upbeat music keeps party goers in a party mood and fills an occasional lull in the conversation.

Mix up the music with various genres, especially if your guest list includes different kinds of music lovers and guests of varying ages. Before the party, ask the invitees if they want to contribute some of their favorite songs. Then, combine their selections with yours, so you can build a playlist of music everyone will love.

Plan for Kids & Pets

If the invite for the family gathering includes little ones, make sure you choose kid-friendly games, seats, and food – with adults who can take turns supervising.

If the party is for adults, but your pets typically run free in your yard, it is important to consider how to keep them happy, safe, but separate. This strategy allows you, the host/hostess, to face one less stressor during your family party.

Treat the Adults to Delicious Potent Potables

Before the party begins, take a few moments to mix up a classic pitcher of drinks for thirsty adults, so you can enjoy the party from the start with a drink in hand.

There are many drinks from which to choose – tropical party punch (with or without alcohol), or spritzers, among others. Summer’s fruit treasures are the perfect complement to the many available Absolut drink recipes.

For something new and easy, try an Absolut Lemon Drop Shot, a cold, sweet drink from a chilled shot glass.

Once Guests Arrive, It is Time to Enjoy the Party Too


When the party has begun and your introductory hostess obligations are met, it is time to relax and enjoy the people you have invited. Party guests will have a better time if they see the host enjoying themselves too.

Be Decisive At the End of the Party

As the evening winds down, thank your guests for coming. To add something personal, take a Polaroid photo (yes – there are modern instant cameras) with guests as they leave – and hand them this keepsake as you thank them for coming. 

This simple gesture is always welcomed and a great way to remember the night.  

Six Important Things to Remember for Your Next Summer Family Party 1

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