• How to be a Million Pound Mum 2

    How to be a Million Pound Mum

    Oh wouldn’t we all love the chance to be a Million Pound Mum, I know I would. I know that money doesn’t make the world go around, or indeed buy you happiness, but it’s got to make things easier right? It would be nice to have enough money that you could just book that weekend […]

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  • Making your money work harder for you . . .

    Money makes the world go around – isn’t that how the saying goes? Money is a funny one, I certainly don’t think it buys you happiness but it does make life easier. Money is the reason that we go to work, to pay our bills, to keep a roof over our heads and to put […]

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  • Stampin’ Up!

    Last week when I was feeling brave I made my way down to London with Little Bean and Beanie Boy alone. We had been invited to attend a blog event for Stampin’ Up where we took part in a workshop. A bit about Stampin’ Up! Shelli Gardner is the Co-founder and CEO of Stampin Up, […]

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