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How to be a Million Pound Mum

Oh wouldn’t we all love the chance to be a Million Pound Mum, I know I would. I know that money doesn’t make the world go around, or indeed buy you happiness, but it’s got to make things easier right? It would be nice to have enough money that you could just book that weekend break or holiday without having to worry that it’s going to break the bank or make those changes to the house now, not having to wait until you can afford it. Well according to Hazel Cushion it is possible to become that Million Pound Mum and she has written a book all about it.

Hazel Cushion launched her award-winning independent publishing company from her spare bedroom when her triplets were just six years old. Ten years on and her company Accent Press Ltd is on target to turn over £1 million and is renowned throughout the publishing world for its feisty, independent books.



To tie in with her company’s success Hazel is launching the Million Pound Mum series of inspirational business books aimed at the growing number of mothers who want to run their own businesses but don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do so. Drawing on her own experience with practical information, top tips and the real life stories of mums who have successfully started their own companies, the books offer advice on how to start a business, still be a great mum and have fun while doing it.


The first in the series How to be a Million Pound Mum by Starting Your Own Business, published on June 6 2013, offers constructive advice on how to develop your idea from start a business, still be a great mum and have fun while doing it. With her own children preparing for university, Hazel shares her secrets of maintaining a successful business and happy family balance.


Hazel says: ‘Being a million pound mum is a state of mind, not just a financial goal. Some of the mums featured in the books have reached the million-pound turnover; others are well on the way. It’s all about the self-belief, having the confidence in yourself and the tenacity to believe that your idea is capable of achieving a million pound turnover.’


image‘When I started Accent Press I was a 41-year-old mother of triplets studying for an MA in creative writing in Wales, while my husband was working abroad. I had no previous experience of the publishing industry but after organising a charity book as part of my degree, I knew I wanted to be a publisher. At the time I had no idea how to create a business plan yet I succeeded in making the business work.


‘The books are written in a clear, easy style, and give all the tools you need to become a Million Pound Mum. ‘



Hazel Cushion set up Accent Press when her triplets were six years old. She has since won numerous business awards and was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen in recognition of her contribution to business in Britain. In 2007 she launched Xcite Books, which has grown to become one of the UK’s leading publishers of erotic fiction for women and couples. She now combines managing her business with writing and motivational speaking.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a PDF format of the book for the purpose of this post. No payment was received.


  • mummyoftwo2

    September 17 at 10:54 am

    We all have to have our dreams!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      September 17 at 12:32 pm

      Exactly!! x

  • Kahanka

    September 17 at 11:29 am

    You are so right, money cannot buy you happiness, but it’s not easy to live without it. I wish I had enough money to get us a nice big house, and large garden, so my mum could have her own room as she will be living with us now.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      September 17 at 12:32 pm

      Aw I guess that’s bittersweet for you, lovely to have your Mum come to live with you but just not in the way that you probably would have liked. Sending you lots of love xxx

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