• Feng Shui

    Is it time to clear your clutter?

    When you look around your home do you see clear floors and tidy surfaces or do you see piles of toys, books, clothes and general clutter? Our home is a mixture of the two, though my ideal would still be a tidier version of what we have today. That’s because I follow the guides of […]

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  • Sport

    Common Sports Betting Mistakes All Novices Should Avoid

    Sports betting is one of the most widely practised forms of betting and is currently on the rise in all of Australia. Although this notable game-type-gambling is one of the best ways to pass some extra time on your hands, many people also pay homage to sports betting due to the fact that for an […]

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  • 5 tips to a successful online sales business

    When you are looking to make a purchase of any kind, where is the first place you look? For me, I always Google it (though other search engines are available). It’s the quickest way to search for the best prices and to see what choices are available. This is the way for the majority of […]

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  • The Evolution of Advertising

    Advertising, it’s a pretty important aspect of business if you want to survive and grow. Without advertising, how do businesses find new customers to help them spread the word about the goods and/or services they have to offer? Print Advertising Posters and Newspapers First came Print Advertising following the invention of the printing press by […]

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  • Kitchen

    Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen and Add Value to your Home

    In recent years, the kitchen has become the heart of the modern family home. It’s where we eat, watch television, entertain family and friends, work and watch children play. So, if you’re looking to sell your home or improve one room in your house, it’s worth investing in the kitchen. In fact, research from consumer […]

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