7 ways to increase your travel money: short and long term

Travelling is an activity that requires a lot of money. Finding ways to increase your travel money is a good idea that every traveller should have. How can you increase your travel money as a Canadian?

increase your travel money

We linked up with Conrad Brennan (check profile), who shared with us the tips to follow to increase your travel money:

Rent your car

Rent your car

There is no point in leaving your car in your garage or at the airport parking lot. You’d be amazed at how many people are looking to hire. With the launching of Turo in the Canadian space, it is now easy to rent out your car. Turo is a car renting service that is legitimate and reliable. 

You determine the minimum amounts for trips made by your car, and once you return, your vehicle is returned when full of gas. It gets safer and better because your vehicle is covered against damage and theft to upwards of up to $1M.This is a good deal that you should take into consideration. 

Rent Your Home

Rent your home

Some adventures do not require you to stay in your house. Renting out your house is an idea you could go for. You stand to benefit from the rent you receive from the house and ensure that your house is safe. It is important, however, to sign the required paperwork in case of any unexpected outcomings. It is also advised to use the Airbnb platform when renting your house to unknown people. 

Playing online casino games

Online games

There are many online casino games that you can play using small amounts of money and land big winnings. It is important to find legitimate casinos that are reliable and offer fair gameplay. It would help if you also chose your games wisely to not make massive losses in the process. Luckily, online casinos with online bingo Canada can help you land at high-rated casinos. 

It is advisable to play games with a low house edge that have a higher probability of winnings. Also, do not play big money on slot machines as they are random, and winnings are not guaranteed. If you are confident of your poker skills, it is ok for you to play poker as it is more of a skill and strategy game than a luck game.

Selling goods

Sell online

Modern tech trends have made it possible to sell goods online and easily make money. If you are travelling to a different city or town from yours, you may want to explore scarce goods in that part. You could earn some money from buying things from your location at cheaper rates and selling them higher in your visiting city. You could also set shop on established sites like Amazon. 

Selling your photos and videos


It is now possible to sell your photos and videos. This requires you to have great taste and some skill in photography. It is a competitive market where you need to have quality and crisp images. You might want to acquire the best equipment for the job. It is also important to ensure you are visiting places with exemplary views and catchy environments. There exist stock image websites online that pay you for your best photos, like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. 

Becoming A Social Media Influencer

social media

The evolution of social media led to the creation of many jobs. One of the jobs created was given the term of an influencer. A social media influencer commands a great following and can influence other people into doing something. 

Having many followers on your social media pages could be your breakthrough as corporations look for you to advertise their brand. You could walk into a company and ask for sponsorship for your trip with the sole reason of advertising them.

It is a lucrative way of increasing your travel money as you only need to advertise the brand while having fun. It requires you to do a lot of work to become a social media influencer. Make sure to create amazing content so that people can follow you.

Teach your skills

teach skills

People are created differently; hence they acquire different skills. It is important to have the ability to teach your skills to people. People pay to understand what they do not know. Ensure you master your skill and can guide people in acquiring the same skill. You may be a skilled musician who has mastered the art of singing. Teaching people vocal variations or instruments would add you some money.

Money is a necessity for you to enjoy your travels. Be sure to increase your travel money by using any of the above methods.

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