Set – The Visual Perception Game

For our final Blogger Board Game review, we have been playing Set – The Visual Perception Game. This is a card game which is quick to set up and fun to play. It has won over 35 best game awards including MENSA Select.

What’s in the box?

SET - a card game of visual perception

Inside the box, you will find a pack of 81 cards, each one of which is unique in colour, shape, shading and number.

Playing the game

SET - a card game of visual perception

The game begins by laying out 12 cards on the table in a grid pattern. There are no ‘taking of turns’ and it’s not about ‘luck’. The aim of the game is to correctly identify sets of 3 cards

A player takes control of the game when they declare “SET”. Then they must point out the set of 3 cards they have seen. A ‘SET’ can be 3 cards which match patterns, shapes, colours or numbers, or they can be completely different from each other. If there are 2 cards the same and one different, then this is not a SET and it doesn’t count.

If a true SET is declared, the player takes that set and places them on the table in front of them. A further 3 cards are then added to those on the grid to continue play.

Who can play?

SET - a card game of visual perception

The game is designed for 1 to 8 players aged 6 years and over. I did try playing this with Albie who is 6 years old but he found everyone else’s gameplay to be too fast for him so we quickly became frustrated. Ollie, who is 8 years old, loved playing it and has challenged me to it many times (because he beats me every time).

Final Thoughts

We have had mixed results with this game, sometimes it has been the source of much fun and friendly competition, others it has caused friction when the children have become frustrated over what is or isn’t a SET. I definitely think that there have been times when the rules have been bent to avoid arguments.

Simon, Will and I have all enjoyed playing the game together and alone. If you can get your hands on an old playing card box then this is a great game to carry in your backpack or carry on luggage when travelling.

Our favourite games so far would have to be Cobra Paw and Ticket to Ride.

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