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Samsung Navibot Silencio

When I received an email offering the opportunity to review a ‘robotic hoover’ I thought it was a hoax, I am ashamed to say I’d never even heard of a robotic hoover I thought they were just in futuristic films not real life. Of course once I realised that it wasn’t a hoax I chewed their arm off, the chance to have someone else doing the vacuuming for two weeks was too good to pass up.

Samsung Navibot Silencio

The Samsung Navibot is a lovely compact sized piece of equipment which charges itself in a dock which is plugged into the mains. Once fully charged the Navibot is ready to do it’s work. When I had mentioned to a few others that I was receiving the Samsung Navibot for review they told me that it worked by bouncing off the walls to redirect itself until it had cleaned the room and I have to say I wasn’t sold on this idea. I was convinced that it would miss large areas of floor. This is not how the Navibot works, it is far more intelligent than that. The Navibot has a Virtual Mapping System which takes 30 photos of a room every second and creates a virtual map of the room to enable it to complete the room in the fastest, safest and most convenient route.

I was so excited to get started when the Navibot arrived that I didn’t read the instructions straight away, I plugged it in, charged it up and hit the auto button and was very pleasantly surprised with the results. How nice it was to sit back and tweet that whilst I was enjoying a glass of wine, the Navibot was cleaning my floors. I was amazed by how quiet it was too, despite the turbo-power cleaning the Navibot lived up to it’s name Silencio, much quieter than your average vacuum cleaner. Whilst enjoying my glass of wine I was able to look over the instructions to find out that I could set the Navibot to clean on schedule, that it was clever enough to know when it was at the top of the stairs without falling down them and it is so clever that it will remember where is has cleaned before in relation to objects and it’s charging base.

I set the Navibot to clean every day whilst I was out doing the school run (otherwise Beanie Boy chased it around the house and switched it off!) and found this really convenient.

We are fully carpeted downstairs apart from the kitchen and the Navibot coped well moving from one surface to another, it even managed to get over the rug in the lounge without difficulty. During the first week I set it to clean daily and was very happy with the results but to test it further in the second week I set it to clean every few days and it didn’t do so well. My house isn’t dirty by any means but with three children you can expect mess and the Navibot struggled a little more with the build up. It only has a small chamber so it needs emptying regularly but this is no great hardship if that’s all I have to do to get clean floors, needless to say I was very sorry to say goodbye to my new robotic helper.

Points to note:

  • Floor cloth accessory means the Navibot can effectively clean hard floor surfaces
  • HEPA filtration means that the air expelled is free from dust and allergens
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