A lovely afternoon with my stepson Curly

Yesterday afternoon I had the rare opportunity to pick up Curly from school (he’s my stepson so doesn’t live with us) so Baby Bean and I headed off a little earlier than necessary to collect him. We parked a couple of streets away from his school so that Baby Bean could have a good walk and get some fresh air – we arrived in the playground 5 minutes before the juniors were let out but stood watching some of the infants chasing each other all over the place.

When Baby Bean spotted Curly

My stepson

Baby Bean found this most amusing and sat in my arms giggling for England. Then the juniors came out and Curly began walking towards us, suddenly in the crowd, she saw him and her face lit up, she pointed at him and shouted “halloo”.

I popped her down on the pavement to go to him and watched as she ran towards him with her arms in the air. She gave him a big kiss – it was so heartwarming to see. The two of them chased each other all the way back to the car and the sound of their laughter was infectious, I just love to hear them laughing together.

Big Brother is here for you

On the way home we had a few jobs to do and stopped off at various places – Curly entertained Baby Bean every step of the way, hiding behind things as we walked down the street, holding her hand and picking her up when she fell down.

Their relationship blossoms more each day and is such a pleasure to watch. I truly hope that they will always be there for each other – I’m well aware that there will be arguments along the way but I love the way they look at each other, it would melt the meanest of hearts I’m sure!

Quality time

When we got home Baby Bean had to go to sleep so Curly and I made the most of time on our own (we don’t get to spend very much time just the two of us) and baked a cake for his Nan’s birthday. We had a great laugh and thoroughly enjoyed it.

He said he thought the stirring was quite hard work but found breaking the eggs great fun and of course, the bit he loved the most was licking the spoon and the bowl at the end.

It’s often the simplest of things that mean the most but I really loved my time with Curly, when we spend time just two of us we get on so well and have a giggle. He’s a great little boy and I often wish I could find a way to have more afternoons like it!!

Feeling grateful

Being a step mum is, without doubt, the hardest job I have ever had to do but at the same time the most rewarding,  I will always love Curly as my own and be grateful that when I met my Hubby I was lucky enough to find not just one special man but two! You can’t say better than that now can you?

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