Parenting a toddler – I can’t . . . .

No, it’s not me – I’m not having a negative day, in fact, I’m having quite a nice afternoon parenting a toddler and a baby.  Both are sleeping nicely in their rooms and I’m having a bit of me time and being able to get caught up on my blog.  No, the title of this post – I can’t! has become Little Bean’s latest phrase. 

From the mouths of babes

Parenting a toddler

It doesn’t matter what she is doing:-

eating something – “I can’t”

drinking – “I can’t”

playing a game – “I can’t”

putting on her shoes/coat/gloves/scarf – “I can’t”

saying hello/goodbye to anyone – “I can’t”

going to bed – “I can’t”

walking – “I really can’t”

giving either of her brothers a kiss – “oh ok then”  (I am at least grateful for this!)

Two can play that game

I usually deal with this by saying, “well don’t do it then” or “no I bet you can’t” or “that’s ok because I don’t want you to anyway” and she replies with “I can you know”.  Funny little girl!!!  You’ve got to love them, most of the time!

Do your little ones have any annoying sayings right now?  How do you tackle them?

4 thoughts on “Parenting a toddler – I can’t . . . .”

  1. My two year old is saying ‘no’. All the time! It makes me laugh though because I know it’s coming. Do you want lunch? NO! Ok then, you just sit there for a minute (and he eats his lunch!)

    • I get “no” a lot too, I generally just say “ok” and carry on with my day but the “i can’t” is soooo whiney, it really drains you!! Two is such a fun age, isn’t it NOT! LOL x

  2. The most annoying phrase in my house currently is from boyo…. “just zip it, and thats final” this must be picked up from school as it’s not anything I ever say!!! It’s driving me crazy, I’m trying not to react… hoping he’ll get bored!

    • We found that with Curly when he started at school, one day we had a sweet little boy, the next we had a backchatting little so and so, with oodles of new “phrases”. I know the best thing to do is “ignore” but some days thats easier said than done! Good luck x

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