Week 8

This hasn’t been the best week so far, I’ve still been feeling pretty rough – I’ve got a horrible cough and my nose is all full of goo.  Sometimes its really hard to breathe so I get a bit upset and cry.  I thought Mummy was going to try to make me feel better and give me lots of scrummy cuddles but she didn’t!  She pinched my nose and stuck this thing up it, the next thing I know it feels like my brain is being sucked out through my nose.  I cried and cried, I thought it would make her stop but she didn’t, she did it again and I hated it.  Afterwards she gave me a cuddle for ages and kept saying she was “sorry” so I guess I’ll let her off this time.  All the crying seemed to help a bit though because my nose didn’t feel so bad afterwards.


Then today, I thought it was going to be normal day, I woke up snuggled nice and warm in my bed and then had a nice feed with Mummy before going back to bed for a little nap.  When I woke up, Mummy washed and dressed me and put me into my car seat.  I thought we were probably going somewhere nice but I was sooo wrong!  When we got out of the car, Daddy was there waiting to see us.  Little Bean said that we were at the Doctors.  We went in to see “the Doctor” and Mummy took all my clothes off, which was a bit embarrassing.  The Doctor kept shining bright lights in my eyes and pull my arms, legs, fingers and toes about, then he turned me this way and that.  He put this really cold thing on my chest but it tickled so I just laughed.

Week 8 1

After the Doctor we had to go and see a nurse?  I really didn’t like her at all, and I wasn’t too happy with Mummy and Daddy either.  They took my trousers off, one minute I’m sat comfortably on Mummy’s knee, the next the nurse stuck something really sharp in my leg and it HURT!!  REALLY BAD!!!  I cried and cried and cried, the loudest that I possibly could.  And just to make matters worse, the nurse went and did the same to my other leg – that’s just cruel!  Mummy kept kissing and cuddling me, telling me that she was sorry but I didn’t want to hear it, she brought me to see this horrible lady and now my legs were really sore, I thought they loved me?  Mummy put me back in my car seat and I fell asleep.

When I woke up again we were back at home.  Mummy normally likes me to have a sleep in the afternoon at the same time as Little Bean, I think she tries to get jobs done but I didn’t think she deserved one today so I stayed awake all afternoon.  Each time she tried to put me down, I dropped my bottom lip and started crying so Mummy picked me back up.  She said to me “you’ve got me wrapped around my little finger haven’t you” but I’m not sure what she meant by that?  I just know that Mummy and Daddy need to make it up to me for going to see that horrible nurse.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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