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In 10 days time Curly will be celebrating his 15th birthday, Little Bean turned 8 in the Summer, Beanie Boy has just turned 6 and Jelly Bean will be turning 4 in January. Add together the years that they were each wearing nappies (in Jelly Bean’s case we are still using them at night) and you have the grand total of 13 years. I dread to think just how much money we would have spent on nappies during that time but I wish someone had rewarded us for it.

Pampers Club

If you are still in the ‘nappy years’ or are just starting out then listen up closely because I’ve got some great news for you. Pampers, who not only make amazing nappies (I know because I’ve been to Frankfurt and seen how they are designed and Manchester to watch them being made) have now come up with a way to reward parents and babies for buying their nappies. The Pampers Club app is free to download and upon first registration and a successful load of your till receipt showing a purchase of Pampers nappies, you will be rewarded with 500 points. Thereafter, every time you purchase Pampers nappies and upload picture of your receipt you will receive a further 10 Pampers Club points for every £1 spent! It doesn’t matter where you buy your nappies, in store or online, just snap the receipt and upload.

Pampers Club points can be exchanged for different types of rewards and savings for both you and baby; everything from money-off coupons, toys and even a 3-month magazine subscription to Mother and Baby magazine.

So next time you spot your little ones’ #Pooface be sure to snap a photo of that receipt and get it uploaded to build up those points!

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