Pampers and the Land of Golden Sleep Week 2

We have been following the Soothology routine for two weeks now in the hope of discovering the Land of Golden Sleep for Beanie Boy. I have to say I’m impressed at how well he is going off to sleep without me rocking him or nursing him to sleep

Reclaiming my evenings

Land of Golden Sleep

I am now getting back downstairs by 7.30 pm, regaining some of my evenings, and spending time with Hubby again.  We will even attempt a meal out tomorrow for date night, the first in over 6 months. Excited much?  Just a bit!

Pampers Village on hand to help

Sadly the mornings haven’t gone quite as well as the evenings, though.  Beanie Boy was waking up wet around the top of his nappy through his vest and onto his pyjamas.  Also, when I took the nappy off, there were a few of the crystals on his skin. 

Size and absorbency

I spoke to the amiable people at Pampers Village (you can find the number on all packs of Pampers), who suggested that although Size 3 Nappies were the right size and sufficient for daywear, I should try Size 4 Nappies for the night time.  They are still within his weight range, but they have a higher absorbency capacity than a Size 3 and should see him through the night. 

Problem solved

They also assured me that the crystals would cause Beanie Boy’s skin no harm, which was true; he didn’t even have a red mark from them.  As part of the sponsored experiment, I have been sent Size 4 Nappies and am very pleased to say that we haven’t had a problem with sodden nappies since.  Beanie Boy has been dry every morning since wearing the Size 4’s.

Trust your instincts

We were having 4 am wakings on Saturday, Sunday and Monday where he wouldn’t go back to sleep until 6.30 am, but I think that was possibly due to teething and a little too much sleep during the day.  Since I have played around with his daytime naps, he has been waking at 5 am for a feed but going straight back to sleep until 7-7.30 am.

I think we’re heading in the right direction – pop back next week to see if we have managed a full night’s sleep, fingers crossed!!

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