Do you ‘date’ your Husband?

Do you remember the first weeks, months and year’s of your relationship when you would get butterflies in your tummy at the mere thought of seeing your partner? Getting ready for a ‘date’ and wondering what should I wear? Remembering that he thought you looked particularly gorgeous in a certain outfit and wondering how soon you can wear it again without him thinking its the only clothes you own!

Dating I do, I remember so well when we would hold hands all the time, even just sitting on the sofa at home or as we fell asleep at night (because we don’t like facing each other in bed). I remember planning our dates for fun, romance or just the naughty stuff! On our first ‘date’ my (now) Husband cooked me a lovely meal and I can still remember it to this day, it was blooming gorgeous. I thought he must have been a masterchef winner, the presentation was perfect and it was one of the most romantic evenings I’ve ever had. I’ve been a very lucky girl with my Husband because in his day, he was quite the romantic – he’s rubbish now but then again so am I!! When children come along and family life takes over it’s so easy to forget that you were ‘two’ before you were more. We do ‘date’ every now and then but even our dates are lazy dates because we use our nights away from the children to go to the cinema to see the latest flick that we’ve been itching to see. Ok so we might hold hands for part of the film, but it’s hardly like we have to make any effort to talk to each other or lavish our affection on one another.

When we go out for the day now, our hands are usually busy holding little hands, pushing pushchairs or carrying changing bags so we don’t even get to hold hands then. We might give each other the odd peck on the cheek but nothing much more so I’ve decided its time to make a change, its time that Hubby and I starting ‘dating’ again. We are happy but we definitely don’t give each other enough attention and we always said that we would continue to be ‘a couple’ once our family got bigger.

Last weekend I was looking to update photographs around the house (the children grow and change so fast) and it was only then that I realised we have only had perhaps 5 photographs taken of the two of us together in the last 3 years. We have had pictures with the children but only a handful of us just as a couple, that’s poor in my book so I need to rectify this!!

Getting back to my original question, do you ‘date’ your Husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? What do you do and how often?

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  1. Funnily enough Mr E and I were talking about this just last night. We are very much the same as you, if we do ‘date’ we go to the cinema and then obviously we are not talking to each other. We both have decided to work harder at having some us time.

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