Not A Morning Person? Become One!

When the kids are screaming at 6 am, it can be hard to reach for a cup of coffee. So, expecting to be in a good mood is very optimistic. It’s far more optimistic than how you feel first thing in the morning. Just face it – you’re not a morning person. There is nothing wrong with admitting it because acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery. What? You think you’re going to be a grump for the rest of your days? Nope, it’s time to get up and smell the coffee, or the roses, or whatever raises you from your slumber.

Not a morning person

The morning has its perks. Some might say that it is a beautiful time of day. All we know is that life doesn’t have to be hard when the dawn cracks. Here are ways to make it easier.

Snooze You Loose

Sorry, but snoozing is just a sorry excuse for you to say you’re too tired. When you think about it, the snooze button on your alarm is a way to procrastinate. It stops you from getting up early and attacking the day. And, this attitude will permeate through every part of the day. Maybe a ten-minute snooze is acceptable if you factor that into your alarm. But, waking up and then snoozing for twenty for thirty minutes only makes it harder to get out of bed. The best plan is simple – force yourself into the shower and rub the sleep out of your eyes! By the time you come around, you will feel miles better.


Start A Routine

The great Lao Tzu wrote, ‘the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’ You’re wondering what a Chinese philosopher and the leader of Taoism has to do with being a morning person? Well, the journey of a thousand miles quote has a lot to do with setting a sleeping pattern. At first, you might find it hard to transition from being a night person into a morning person. Still, that doesn’t mean you can give up without trying. The trick is to make the change and stick to it religiously. The routine will pay off in the end, even if it feels like it’s doing more harm than good. Philosophers always see things that mere mortals can’t comprehend.

But Start Slowly

Staying with the topic of a routine, let’s look at how to create a successful one. Millions of people every day try to make the change, yet they make the cardinal sin. That sin is to go for too much too soon. The secret of getting into a healthy routine is to start slowly and work your way down. Do you want to start waking up at 5:30 am instead of 6:30 am? Okay then, use fifteen-minute increments. Begin by lowering your wake-up call to 6:15 am and then 6:00 am and so forth until you hit your target.

Alarm Clock

Get Enough Sleep

The most enthusiastic morning person can start the day as they mean to continue. But, it won’t make a difference if they are behind on sleep. In the grand scheme of things, sleep is essential if you want to become a morning person. Without enough of it, the temptation to crawl back under the covers will be too strong. So, before you start your routine, think about the morning after. What time do you need to wake up? What time do I need to go to bed? Is that my normal routine, or is it temporary? The answers to these questions should help you figure out the best time to hit the hay. A tip: turn off any electrical items in the bedroom. The impulses they give off can affect your sleeping patterns.

Prep The Environment

Waking up at certain times of the year is never nice. Why? It’s because the house is cold. As soon as you stick your leg out of the covers, the ice starts to build up. Anyone with any sense wouldn’t want to get out of bed, and they definitely wouldn’t be happy. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. The fix is to turn the central heating on thirty minutes before you awake. Then, the house will be warm, and you won’t suffer hypothermia before you get into the shower. Of course, you will have to put up with higher energy bills. At least, you will if you’re not willing to give switching energy supplier a try as it can save the average household a fortune. Even if it isn’t an option, the extra cash is worth not freezing to death!

Window Frost Roof White Winter Cold Ice Icicle

Hit The Gym

People don’t like leaving their mood to the Gods, and for a good reason. Studies show that individuals are more likely to feel self-pity early in the morning. That is, unless, they get a mood enhancer. The great thing about your attitude is that you have the ability to make a change. Yep, you have everything in your body waiting to go. All you have to do is pull the trigger. Exercise is without a doubt the best method to enhance your mood. When you workout, the body releases endorphins which affect how you feel. Think of it as a shot of espresso but without the caffeine. Working out early in the morning also frees up the rest of your day because there is no need to make time. So, instead of getting home and pumping iron, you can go for a drink with friends. Guess what? Socialising is an excellent way to boost your happiness, too.

Hit the gym

Eat Breakfast

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day cliché has been doing the rounds for years. However, stereotypes are born from truth, and this one is no different. The reason why breakfast is important is that it sets you up for the rest of the day. The food you eat in the morning gives you the energy to tackle the day head on until lunch. It is also the start of a routine that can get you through the entirety of the day without a single hitch. Oh, and don’t forget that it boosts brainpower. As long as you eat a piece of toast or some eggs, you’ll experience all of the above. All in all, it’s very hard to start the day off right without breakfast.

Treat Yourself

The problem with a routine is that it can get monotonous. After a while, it will stop feeling like a novelty and start feeling dull. At least, it will if you don’t spice the morning up a bit. The way to boost your psychology is to look forward to a treat. It might be a bacon sandwich, or it might be a hot bath instead of a shower. Whatever it is, the treat will help you pull back the covers rather than cowering under them. In fact, you might jump out of bed if the treat is extra special. The key is to think of something that motivates you when you aren’t at your best. Only these kinds of motivations will work because nothing else will seem important.

Think About Others

When you look back at the above, you’ll notice that they only take one person into consideration: you. Everyone who doesn’t live alone knows there is more to life than one person. Parents know that the kids can make or break their day, as do partners that share a bed. One bad moment early on in the day is enough to ruin everything, which is why you need to think the other people in your home. If they aren’t ready to make the change, you will find it much harder. In simple terms, they need to embrace the transition, too. The kids aren’t too much of a problem because they have to listen to you from a young age. Husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends are a different proposition. They are independent people, and they might not want to follow in your footsteps. That’s fine, as long as they understand their role. Their role is not waking you up if you go to bed early, or stopping the alarm so that you miss the gym. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t all about you anymore!

Just Do It

Sometimes, you can try everything in your power to hit your goals. But, they won’t make a jot of difference. Unfortunately, it happens as it’s an occupational hazard of life. When it does happen, it’s vital that you do it anyway. Otherwise, you will fall back into old habits that make life harder again. Life can be dreary from time and time. It isn’t a welcoming thought, but it’s the truth. The quicker you realise it, the more chance you have of seizing the day. After all, it won’t seize itself.

Okay, so transforming from an ugly, night-loving duckling into a beautiful, morning-devoted swan isn’t easy. But, hard work is the price you have to pay if want to make the switch.


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