Natal Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Companion

I was sent the Breastfeeding Companion CD by Natal Hypnotherapy to review and I had no idea what to expect. This is what Natal Hypnotherapy say about their Breastfeeding Companion:-

Breastfeeding Companion CD

Natal Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Companion 1The new Natal Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Companion CD is specially designed to guide and support you through the process of breastfeeding. Through deep relaxation, breathing exercises, practical advice and guided visualisation of comfortable and successful breastfeeding, this effective self-hypnosis audio CD increases your confidence and ability to breastfeed. It helps you to trust in your ability to produce the right amount of milk, let go of any concerns you may have surrounding breastfeeding, and maximise your bonding with your baby.

Natal Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Companion CD

Stay relaxed

Most mother’s who have breastfed or are breastfeeding will agree that it isn’t always as easy as it looks. In the first few days, you constantly worry that your baby isn’t getting enough milk, getting baby to latch on can be very difficult to master. Then your milk comes in, your boobs are engorged and painful due to their size and often your nipples are sore from trying to perfect the latch on.

One of the most important things to remember when breastfeeding is to stay relaxed, but if you are anxious this is easier said than done. When you are relaxed, your milk will flow freely and your body will produce just the right amount of milk. As a relaxed Mum, you can enjoy breastfeeding and be happy in the knowledge that you are doing something for your baby that no-one else can do.

Postnatal help when you need it

The CD is designed to be listened to from birth onwards, although it is possible to listen to it before birth if breastfeeding is something that you are worried about. It is divided into two sections, the first section is designed to be listened to alone (when not breastfeeding) to help you to relax. The second section has been designed to listen to whilst breastfeeding your baby to aid deep relaxation and provide guidance through the breastfeeding process.

Reduce your stress

Breastfeeding can fail for a number of reasons but often because the Mother becomes tense and anxious about whether they are doing it right, producing enough milk for their baby, feeding at the right time, for the right length of time, the list is endless. But all of these worries amount to the same thing, a stressed-out mother! Stress then has the knock-on effect of preventing the mother from producing the hormones which tell her body to produce enough milk for the baby. Babies are also very perceptive and can pick up on the Mother’s stress which can upset them and make it difficult for them to feed efficiently.

My experience

I began using the CD when Beanie Boy was a little over two months old, breastfeeding was established and going well but I was querying whether I had got the latch on correct as he was being so sick after feeds. My anxiety was very much centred around his reflux and latch, I was often suffering from sore nipples and had to keep reverting back to nipple shields to ease the pain and aid the healing process. As a result, I was very tense when feeding began, which often made feeding even more painful.

As instructed I listened to the first section of the CD whilst alone (yes I did manage to find a fraction of time to spend quietly on my own). The voice-over is very calming and easy to listen to, I’m not very good at visualisation and relaxation, my mind tends to wander onto all the things which I should be doing instead of chilling out but I found this CD so relaxing, dare I admit it – I had a little doze for a few minutes!!

I continued to listen to the second section of the CD whilst feeding Beanie Boy for most feeds and again found them very relaxing, I didn’t fall asleep this time but I certainly didn’t watch the clock. I haven’t used the nipple shields since I began using the CD and Beanie Boy is latching on perfectly. Unfortunately, his sickness is still hanging around but not every day.
For someone who is really struggling with breastfeeding and is particularly stressed out by it, I think this CD would be a welcome friend, that little bit of support when you need it most.

Natal Hypnotherapy has a whole range of Award-Winning Books, CD’s and Antenatal Workshops to help the expectant and new mother.

The new Natal Hypnotherapy Breastfeeding Companion CD is specially designed to guide and support you through the process of breastfeeding.

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  1. Thank you!! I think you have found the answer to my prayers!! That blog could be about me, having had a very disastrous attempt first time round at breastfeeding this time my confidence is rock bottom and the slightewst hiccup and I think it’s all going wrong despite the fact he is gaining weight well!! I am definitely going to try this cd!!

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