Ease the pain of children’s IBS with Alflorex pre-filled straw technology

Children's IBS

New Children’s Alflorex® using Pre-filled Straws is an important extension to the PrecisionBiotic® range. It is now available to buy for the first time in the UK.

Children’s Alflorex

Similar to the Adult Alflorex supplement which is available in the UK online (alflorexbiotics.com), Children’s Alflorex contains the unique and patented 35624™ culture in a clever and convenient pre-loaded straw, providing an easy way for parents to get their child to take a daily supplement.

No parent wants to see their child in discomfort, nor experience the associated worry and anxiety. Unfortunately for many parents with a child that suffers from a digestive or gut problem, this is an all-too-familiar reality.

Elite Bacterial Culture

The patented PrecisionBiotic 35624™ culture in Children’s Alflorex is an elite bacterial culture that has been specifically selected to work where it is needed in the human gut. The 35624™ culture is well studied in high-quality clinical studies and shown to reduce abdominal pain, gas and bloating in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)2,3.

With the reassurance of more than 15 years of scientific research that has been published in some of the world’s most respected scientific journals, the unique 35624™ culture is the number one gastroenterologist recommended strain in the US1. What’s more, as a bacterial culture it is also completely natural and is therefore classified as a food supplement.

Pre-Filled Straw

Children’s Alflorex uses new technology to create a pre-filled straw that delivers just the right dose of the unique PrecisionBiotic 35624™ culture. The product is also completely tasteless which means there’s no fussing around either looking for a spoon or struggling to get a child to swallow a tablet. A child only needs to have three sips to get the correct dose into their digestive system. These straws are travel-friendly too, as they don’t need to be refrigerated.

The unique 35624™ culture is an all-natural culture developed by scientists and gastroenterologists at University College Cork’s APC Microbiome Institute, an acknowledged global leader in gut health research and development. The 35624™ culture goes to work only where it is needed in the gut and has no side effects and is also safe to take with all other medication.

How to use Children’s Alflorex

  • Use one straw daily as part of a varied and balanced diet.
  • Use straw with either cold milk or water. Do not use with hot drinks as the heat will destroy the active ingredients.
  • Once the straw packaging is opened, contents should be consumed immediately for maximum benefit.
  • No refrigeration required.

Children’s Alflorex is available online at www.alflorexbiotics.com. A box of Children’s Alflorex comes in the form of a four-week supply of 30 pre-filled straws. Price: RRP £29.95 per pack containing 30 straws.

For further details see www.alflorexbiotics.com

3 thoughts on “Ease the pain of children’s IBS with Alflorex pre-filled straw technology”

  1. I’ve not heard of these and I have a child with terrible bowel problems. I love the idea of using a straw to administer, I should really give them a go.

  2. The Alflorex straws have now been discontinued. Now in place are Alflorex chewable tablets. Alflorex is suitable for children ages three and up. The Alflorex capsules can also be opened and sprinkled over food or mixed with milk or water , once consumed immediately.

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