End bedroom wars with the Luxurious Hot&Not Personalised Duvet


At some point, all couples reach the argument on whether your bed should be warm or cold to get to sleep. I know it’s been a regular topic in our marriage for many years. He’s always too hot, I’m too cold or just right and only in the balmy nights of Summer do I declare “I’m too hot”. So how do we compromise when it comes to buying the right duvet? I usually buy the biggest, heaviest duvet I can find and he spends the night uncovering and covering himself back up as his temperature fluctuates. It works for me . . . not so much for him. Finally, we have an answer – the nanu hot&not Personalised Duvet.

The hot&not duvet

hot&not duvet

The hot&not duvet is that invention that makes you slap your hand on your forehead and say “I can’t believe nobody thought of it before”. When I told my husband about it, he responded immediately with “get one”. This personalised duvet is the first of its kind that will allow you to tailor it to your specific needs so that both parties get a good nights sleep.

Personalised duvet easy as 1, 2, 3

hot&not duvet builder

Ordering the hot&not personalised duvet could not be any simpler. There are just 3 questions that stand between you and your perfect duvet using the Duvet Builder on the nanusleep website. Firstly you need to decide whether you want a Classic duvet where both sides are the same or the hot&not personalised duvet, next you choose your duvet size (double or king) and finally you personalise your warmth factor.

There is a handy guide to explain the difference between toasty, cosy, chilled and extra cool. We opted for cosy for Simon, toasty for me as we tend to switch up our duvet during the depths of winter and I like to be really warm. Your duvet comfort levels have to be from adjacent warmth categories eg. toasty/cosy, cosy/chilled or chilled/extra cool.

That’s it! Once you have configured your duvet it’s just a case of filling in your delivery details, making payment and then waiting for your new hot&not duvet to arrive.

Duvet Day

hot&not duvet

Our new hot&not duvet arrived by courier within a couple of days and is packed in this handy storage bag which will be perfect to pop it into the airing cupboard during the Summer months when we (hopefully) won’t need it.

It is really hot&not?

hot&not duvet

We have been using our hot&not personalised duvet for a week now. I can honestly say that the difference can be felt and we are both very happy with our ‘own side’ of the duvet. Just in case you are in any doubt when the duvet arrives as to which is the warmer side and which is the cooler, those clever people at nanu have popped labels on the side of the duvet to point out exactly which is which.

The duvet is made from a high-quality hypoallergenic construction, which is perfect for me as it means I don’t wake up looking like Kermit the frog!!

Nanusleep Options

Prices start at £50 for a double personalised duvet or £55 for a kingsize but prices vary dependent upon the level of warmth you choose for your duvet to £75. If you decide that you are both happy to have the same level of warmth in you duvet then you can opt for the Classic duvet which comes in seven different levels of warmth from extra cool to even toastier.

Nanu really ‘get sleep’ and understand that everyone is different. You may recall some time ago I reviewed their perfect pillow which is still ensuring I get a great night’s sleep months on.

For a limited time, they have a great offer for 20% off pillows and duvets for students. To keep up to date with their latest offers and developments you can follow them on social media:

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12 thoughts on “End bedroom wars with the Luxurious Hot&Not Personalised Duvet”

  1. What a fantastic idea! So simple but so effective. I like that it’s hypoallergenic too. Glad to hear you’re both now happy and can sleep well!

  2. My husband and I both have similar levels of warmth/coolness that we like, but this is such a fab idea for couples who like different things. In Germany, where we lived for a while, double duvets are actually not so common. Most couples there I know have separate duvets!

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