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Run Instagram Audit To Build A Better Business Profile

Most of the businesses of today use the Instagram platform successfully for their brand and product promotion simply making the best use of the platform and the features that it offers. Instagram as such provides businesses with a lot of opportunities to reach out to a larger number of audiences all over the world much too easily, effectively and quickly.

Instagram Business Profile

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In order to be successful in your Instagram marketing strategy, you will need to build a clear and distinct business profile. With the help of different Instagram tools and features, this is not at all a difficult prospect. All you need to do is:

  • Make the best use of the Instagram hashtags
  • Run your own Instagram audit
  • Create better content and
  • Simply post these at the right time so that it is seen by most of the audience.

Following these tips and tricks, you will get free Instagram likes but you will also need to put in your best of efforts into it as well.

Run Instagram audit

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When you have your business goals, your Instagram marketing strategy, your audience and objectives of using this photo and video sharing platform clearly defined in your mind, the next thing that you should do is to take a positive look at your Instagram profile to make it clearer and more effective. The best way to do so is by carrying out an Instagram audit.

The good thing about running an Instagram audit is that:

  • You will have a better knowledge about everything that you have done on this platform so far
  • You will be able to get different useful data and metrics that will help you to analyze your activities on the platform with respect to the performance of your posts and the yields
  • It will be much easier for you to decide whether or not the posts and your Instagram marketing strategy is still serving your purpose, helping you to meet your goals and the different needs of your business.

With so many benefits on offer, it is quite understandable why experts suggest that you run your own Instagram audit even if you are a novice and using this platform for your marketing purpose for the first time.

About Instagram audit

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An Instagram audit has a lot of usefulness. This is because experts say that such an audit will help you to determine whether or not you are on the right track or need to make some necessary amendments to your strategy so that you get the desired ROI from your marketing efforts.

Once you are over and done with your Instagram audit, you are well equipped with useful facts such as:

  • A well-defined Instagram businesses goals and objectives
  • A better understanding of your branding and its voice
  • A solid content aesthetic
  • A carefully assessed engagement strategy and
  • A well-refined hashtag strategy

When you perform your audit make sure that you consider each and every element of your Instagram profile to make sure that every one of it feels intentional. The elements should include:

  • Your profile contents
  • Your photo
  • Your bio
  • The feed
  • The captions
  • The hashtags used and more.

You should not even overlook the accounts that you follow currently. This is because these accounts will become one of the most significant parts of your brand or business on Instagram.

  • When you conduct the audit, look for specific answers to questions such as:
  • Whether you find the elements in your strategy interesting and inspiring enough
  • Whether or not these elements align perfectly with your business goals and objectives or are these completely random and utterly disconnected.

The answers to these questions will ensure that you have your goals in mind when you are auditing your Instagram account. This will further ensure that with every decision that you make will take you closer to those goals.

Using Instagram hashtags

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When you are fully aware of the fact that you and your Instagram marketing strategy both are moving towards the right track and have everything crafted according to your business goals, you will need to focus on aspects and elements to include that will make your Instagram marketing efforts more fruitful.

One of the most significant elements to use is the relevant hashtags with your content. However, using any and every hashtag is not the way to go about. You will need to research extensively for the most relevant hashtags to use for your specific business and product and at the same time try to keep things simple and go as micro as possible.

This will ensure that you have a good chance to find some ultra-niche and most effective hashtags for your marketing campaign to use that will teem with activity and engagement from your target audience. This will somewhat reduce your efforts and the time you have committed on Instagram.

The good thing about using hashtags is that it will help you to build a larger and more engaged community. Most of the users will follow the hashtag and participate in the campaign.

  • This will build your followers
  • Create more engagement among the
  • Facilitate in more likes, shares and comments and eventually
  • Increase the number of traffic to your site.

Therefore, never overlook the power of hashtags and use it strategically with your contents on Instagram.

Importance of an Instagram business profile

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There are no two ways about it that you will need to set up a better business profile on Instagram rather than a personal account in order to be successful with your Instagram marketing strategy.

This is because it is only when you have a business profile you will be able to use more features of this platform such as:

  • Adding links to Instagram Stories
  • Using shoppable Instagram posts
  • Auto-publishing to Instagram.

You will also need a business profile on Instagram because that will help you to set up clear marketing goals that will provide you with a lot of benefits which makes the importance of such an account on Instagram indisputable.

With these easy steps followed, you will surely make the best of this platform for your marketing purpose.


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