My gorgeous girl . . . 1

My gorgeous girl . . .

Thinking back over the last 6 months, its been a pretty unsettling time for our Little Bean. She has stopped nursery (because of the summer holidays), she has moved house twice, moved from cot to “big girl’s bed” and there has been lots of talk about a “new baby” or “bump”.
I’m amazed at how well she has coped, she is a very resilient little 2 year old whom I am very proud of. I am beginning to feel though, that all of this change is beginning to take its toll on her. When we had completed our first move we moved her from her cot into a junior bed and she took to it all like a duck to water. She has only fallen out of bed twice and on one occasion was so tired she just carried on sleeping on the floor (we have a big pillow to break her falls!). She didn’t bat an eyelid at the first move and to prepare her for the second I would take her to the “new house” every week so that she could see it being built. The night before we actually stayed here for the first time, she actually cried when I put her to bed because she “want sleep new house”. 
She has settled in well here but I’ve noticed a growing habit with her where she cries whenever we go out in the car, she asks to go back to “new house” which I keep telling her is “home now” but I wonder if she’s anxious that we will only be staying here for a short time too? 
My gorgeous girl . . . 2
Her behaviour has become very Jekyll and Hyde since we’ve moved here, one minute she is my angel, the next she is a horror – I know it’s also terrible 2’s time but its almost been overnight since we moved here. She gets frustrated very quickly, she has slapped me around the face on a number of occasions, she hits and pushes her friends and cries A LOT!
I’m also wondering if she is sensing the change that is about to happen, the new baby? Daddy has always done Little Bean’s bedtime routine, its their special time – so we were both surprised two nights ago when she got very tearful asking for me Mummy to read her story and do her milk. She clung to me as if she was never going to see me again and just wanted to cuddle for ages. Yesterday afternoon we sat in the chair and watched an hour long DVD from start to finish with her cuddled up in my arms. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this, its a rare happening but then again at bedtime she became very upset when she had to leave me?
When she has her naps and bedtime, we have had to read the same book very day (twice a day) for the past two weeks, which to me says that she is looking for some consistency? I hope that this period will pass quickly and that the new baby doesn’t upset her too much. She has always been such a happy little girl, I hate to see her so upset and so frustrated. I guess only time will tell, but I’m so proud of how well she has done already in her short little life.
I love you Little Bean, you are and always will be my gorgeous girl xxxx
This is my rather late entry to this weeks Writing Workshop at Sleep Is For The Weak for the subject “Change”.


  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    September 11 at 1:56 pm

    There’s been so much CHANGE and STRESS in your lives right now! It’s perfectly normal for LB to be feeling it and reacting to it. You’re an amazing mother and I truly don’t know how you do it half of the time. LB will be fine and brilliant and we’ll help make it so. We love you both (all!)
    🙂 Karin & Little Miss

    1. mummymatters

      September 11 at 9:26 pm

      Thank you, I have great support around me from family and some great friends 😉 that’s how I do it xx

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