Well we’re now at 36 weeks pregnant (37 on Monday) and I’m really starting to get restless now.  Everything is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I’ve definitely inherited the rather ungainly WADDLE when I walk – soooo attractive.  I feel like if my bump grows by even 1mm more then I will explode or my belly button will start opening up under the strain!

I’m normally one for getting out and about, walking lots and finding somewhere different to go with Little Bean at least 3 times a week but honestly I just want to be at home now.  Tomorrow we get the keys to our shiny new house and I’m so excited – I want to get this house packed up and get in there as soon as possible but the minute I start packing anything or moving around too much I feel very lightheaded and like I need to sit back down again.  When you’re normally an active person, this really starts to get you down – I know its starting to get me down.

The majority of the time that I am at home is spent sat at the dining table because they are the only chairs which seem to provide me with some support.  Our super comfy leather suite just lets me sink down and then its like trying to raise the titanic getting me back to my feet again.  I started quite early with rib pain in this pregnancy and each day it seems to kick in earlier and earlier.  By evening I find it so hard to stay sat down as this is when the pain is at its worst.

I don’t remember my pregnancy with Little Bean being this draining at the end, I know I got fed up but then she was 2 weeks late – I still have a little over 3 weeks to go and that’s if he decides to show his face on time – it could be 5 weeks in reality!  When Little Bean was overdue by one week I still managed a night out dancing with work colleagues and a long walk everyday, but this time around I feel like an old woman.  Can I really have aged so quickly?  I shouldn’t moan because this has been a really easy pregnancy (apart from the odd complications etc) but I haven’t felt particularly bad with any of it until now.

Last week I started with very painful bones around my pelvis, I literally felt like someone had grabbed them and pulled them as far apart as they could, now I feel really bruised and sore when sitting, standing, walking, laying down – basically all of the time.  I know that I was feeling a bit like this at the very end of pregnancy with Little Bean but I’m sure everything has started to hurt earlier than it did before.

And the bit about pregnancy which I hate the most, constant peeing and constipation!!  I don’t like to talk about toilet habits but I’m having the worst stomach ache ever thanks to constipation, made worse by the fact that I’m on iron tablets for being anaemic.  The pharmacist has got me drinking that yucky Fibogel – I turn into a child when drinking that, making sick noises, gagging, holding my nose and generally acting like a baby!  I’m eating liquorice (which I love so that’s not so bad) and drinking as much as I can but none of it seems to be making any difference.

Oh well, soon it will be all over and I will be putting the milk on the kettle stand and the kettle in the fridge thanks to sleep deprivation from my new bundle and my ever so excited 2yo!  I just hope that we are settled in the new house before he makes his appearance!

Moan over now, it’s time for Little Bean’s nap so perhaps Mummy will grab forty winks too!


  • Whimsical Wife

    August 26 at 12:44 pm

    Awww those last few weeks are such hard work! Everything is just such a huge mammoth effort! Hope you get into the new house before the baby arrives!!! But yes fully agree its so annoying when you are usually active and you just can’t be!
    And of course the worry of being out on your own and your waters breaking starts soon…. 😉

    1. mummymatters

      August 26 at 9:40 pm

      Ah thank you, I’m so pleased that you agree the last weeks are hard work – I feel like such a moaning minnie today!
      I’m already starting to get nervous about going out on my own, the only direction I will drive in is in the same direction as the hospital!!

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