One week til D-Day!!!

Well, here I am, one week from my due date, and it’s all quiet on the Western front! I’m still grappling with those horrendous period-like pains in my tummy, back, and legs, yet there’s no sign of “the great escape” just yet.

This pregnancy has flown by, at least for me. My hubby jokes that it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, but honestly, it’s only these last few weeks that have started to drag. Comparatively speaking, this pregnancy has been a breeze, especially when I think back to my time with Little Bean. Despite a few scares along the way, I’ve found this experience more enjoyable. And here’s a little victory – I’ve managed to dodge the dreaded PUPP this time! Trust me, that’s a blessing!


My bump has transformed into what looks like an odd shelf protruding from where my tummy used to be. It’s a whole different experience from when I was pregnant with Little Bean. Back then, I, who had always been pretty much straight up and down, suddenly had fat on my face AND a double chin – far from a glamorous look. This time, it’s all bump! But here’s the puzzler: with Little Bean, I couldn’t even put on my own shoes and socks past week 25. Now, at 39 weeks and with a bump that’s frankly enormous, I can still bend down and touch my toes! How does that work? Does the bump just vanish when I bend over?

Over the weekend, I had a shocking realization. In the chaos of moving, we’ve somehow lost my beloved Medela Swing Breastpump, which was a lifesaver when breastfeeding Little Bean, and my CLOSE Baby Sling – both items I couldn’t have done without. I’m not one for disorganization, so this is driving me a bit nuts. I’m secretly hoping that when Little Man makes his entrance, he might bring a piece of my brain back with him!

Fingers crossed, by this time next week, I won’t be writing a post titled “STILL WAITING.” But, considering Little Bean was two weeks late, I have this nagging feeling that Beanie Boy (let’s call him that for now) might follow suit.

Catch you later!

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