How To Maintain Office Indoor Plants In Winter

The Winter season is the enemy of indoor plants. You need to take extra care of the indoor plants in your office to keep them healthy and fit in the winter season. Your best office plants can die due to a lack of care during the winter season. Therefore you need to be extra cautious about this fact. Lack of sunlight, fluctuations in temperature and dry air indoors can result in the death of your plants. This is the reason why you need to take care of your plants more in the winter compared to that the summer.  

There are several ways you can employ to maintain your indoor office plants in the Winter season. Many of us even did not know the techniques to maintain house plants. Our green friends need our care to survive and stay well in the winter season. 

Different Ways To Maintain The Office Indoor Plants In Winter     

How To Maintain Office Indoor Plants In Winter
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  There are several ways that you can apply to maintain your indoor plants in winter. Therefore, let’s explore the ways one after the other to get a better insight into it. 

1. Give Them Light   

We all know that all of us require light to survive. In similar ways, plants also require light to survive in the winter season. In the winter season, the days are short and the scope to get adequate amounts of light is also less. During the winter months, the amount of light plants get is very short. Hence, you need to shift the position of your plant so that it can get the maximum amount of light as per the requirement.

You need to prepare yourself to shift the plants in those areas of your office where they can receive the maximum sunlight. Make sure of fact that the dust particles that have gathered on the leaf surface must be cleaned off so that the leaves can absorb the sunlight properly.   

2. Give Them Water  

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During the winter season, the problem is not that the plants do not get water. The issue is your indoor plants get too much water. This scenario is true if you have indoor gardens. You need to understand one thing too much water is also injurious to plants. Hence, you need to check the dryness of the soil and according to that water your plants. In the winter season, the soil of the plants becomes dry very quickly. You need to water them on a frequent basis to maintain the moisture of the soil in a proper manner. You can also design a DIY indoor fountain to enhance indoor beauty.   

A dry room may create problems in the winter season. The reason is a dry room can make the soil of the plants dry and the air also gets dry in the winter season. Hence, plants lose moisture therefore you need to water them frequently judging the dryness and the water requirement of the plants.  

3. Monitor The Temperature  

Most indoor plants are tropical plants and it requires a temperature between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. You need to consider the species of the plant that you have in your office. Make sure that you have a clear idea of the temperature that these plants prefer and you are maintaining that ideal temperature with the help of the thermostat. Otherwise, it can result in the death of the plants if you are unable to provide the right temperature to these plants. You must be aware of the correct temperature levels to ensure the proper growth of these plants in your office.   

4. Prune & Report   

You can prune the plants that are present indoors. Again you need to remember one thing pruning of the plants will prove to be effective as per the species of the plants that you have in the office. If you gave vining or woody plants in your office then it is the perfect time for pruning and reporting the plants in the pot. You need to consider one important thing in this regard: the species of the plant that you are dealing with. You cannot take this matter for granted as it is the question of the survival of your indoor green plants that are present on your office premises.  

5. Watch For Pests

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During the winter season, the excessive use of heaters, humidifiers, and lack of sunlight gives birth to many pests. Pests like Fungi gnats, spider mites, and mealybugs can result in the untimely death of your indoor plants. You need to be watchful while these pests will arise and you need to eliminate them as soon as possible. The life of your plants is in your hands. You need to take proper care of them, especially during the winter season.      

6. Keep Your Plants Away From The Heaters  

You need to keep your plants away from the room heaters in the winter season the reason is plants radiate the heat of the heaters. The soil of your plants may become dry and the plant may not receive the adequate amount of water that it requires for its survival. It can also lead to the toasting of the roots or the leaves of the plants if you keep the indoor plants near the heater. You need to be very watchful in this regard while you have a plant in your office. You cannot take undue chances regarding the life of your green friends.   


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Hence, from the discussion above it has become very clear how we can maintain the green plants in our office in a proper way. Seasonal affective disorder challenges can be easily met if you have indoor plants in your office. You can have the best office plants but you need to maintain them in a proper manner. From the start of human civilization plants are man’s best friends in all aspects. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect their lives from adversity. In return, they will protect us from unforeseen situations and diseases.

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