How to Organise Your Home with Minimum Cabinets

Living in an orderly and clean environment is healthy and generates good spirits because it fights stress and helps you better organise the other aspects of your life. Such as food, study, work, rest, exercise, aspects that are difficult to organise, and when you achieve it you feel overcome.

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A clear sign that you need to organise your home is when we need to find an element and for this, we turn the entire house. It is very likely that now we will not easily find what we are looking for because we did a quick cleaning by “hiding” in the closet, cupboards, and drawers everything we could to generate space.     

At that time it was the fastest solution, but over time we will realise that it is temporary and we will need twice as long to get the house to make it functional.

Ideas to organise the house

Several techniques allow you to tidy up and then maintain order when you organise your home. In this way, all the inhabitants of the house will know where everything is stored and, most importantly, where it should be stored once it is no longer used.

Clothes by colours and folded in three folds

Folded clothes
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On the one hand, there is a very effective technique to organise clothes in the closet. Which consists of ordering them by colour, regardless of what garment it is. So no time is wasted choosing the various combinations.

On the other hand, to accommodate everything in less space, each garment can be folded into three folds and stored vertically.

Boost save spaces

Look at all the walls in the house and create new storage spaces.

Add shelves and doors with cabinets if you don’t want it to be visible. And keep in it everything that you cannot in other parts of the house. Towels and sheets can be kept in the laundry room, for example.

Divide the spaces in the drawers

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The drawers of the kitchen, closet, and bathroom furniture are usually wide and deep. If we put several things there they will be out of order and it will be difficult to find. Divide into smaller compartments to put everything neat.

What needs repair must also have its place

If a garment needs a button or zip fix and you put it in the closet, you might forget about it until you want to wear it again. So, one of the tips that are included in how to organise your home is to allocate a place for all the clothes that need to be repaired.

Box trick

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Of all the tips on how to organise the house, surely the most difficult is to get rid of the things that we do not use. Because we all have some things that we have a hard time throwing away, then we give you an idea of how to get rid of the things that are not useful. If after a year you have not looked for anything in it, you can get rid of everything you saved in it.

Redecorate with warm colours

For there to be harmony in the house, elements related to the five elements of nature must be found in the environment. Add warm-coloured plants, pillows, or rugs.

Remove the curtains

Natural light is an energy source, especially if we have to stay inside the house. If you need to add artificial lights, opt for LED ones.

Art of mirrors

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It is not recommended to have mirrors in the rooms if you want to place them in other environments of the house, try to make them reflect a picture of nature, a plant.

Sound activates energy

Having an angel caller activates the energy and harmonises the house when the energy is stagnant. If you don’t have one, you can make with the children of the house hanging by strings, some objects that sound when they collide with each other.

With these ideas to organise the house, you will make it look better aesthetically. Furthermore, since all the members were involved, the spirit of “task accomplished” will be shared by all. 

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