Lillie reviews LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

The LOL Surprise franchise just keeps on growing and Lillie hasn’t got fed up with them yet. This time around Lillie has been reviewing the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets.

Fuzzy Pets

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

The Fuzzy Pets range offers seven surprises to be unwrapped, with each layer revealing another little hint towards who might be hiding under the final layer of wrapping. Lillie was very excited to get unwrapping and see what Fuzzy Pets had to offer, the name certainly had her intrigued.

What’s Inside?

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets is aimed at children aged 3 years and over. Once you have unwrapped the outer layers you will discover a ‘pet shampoo’ style bottle packed with more surprise blind bags;

  • Fuzzy Pet
  • Pooper Scooper
  • Magic Mirror
  • Carry Handle
  • Feeding Bottle
  • Accessory
  • Outfit
  • Collector’s Sheet
  • Secret Message

Lillie is always very quick to decode the secret message but younger children might struggle. If they get really frustrated it is actually written at the bottom of the message upside down.

De-Fuzzing Your Pet

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

When you first uncover your Fuzzy Pet they are covered in a layer of fuzzy fur. Simply place the Fuzzy Pet in a bowl of water and leave to soak for a few minutes. I have seen others where they have only placed parts of the pet in water or tracing a pattern on the pet with a wet cotton bud so that some of the fuzz remains. (You can soak your pet by filling the base of the shampoo bottle but Lillie preferred to use a bowl as she found it less fiddly).

Whilst the Fuzzy Pet was having a soak, Lillie dug a little deeper into the bottle and discovered an oval container. Taking the lid off she uncovered a type of play sand so she picked up her pooper scooper and began digging. Inside she found four little shoes.

You can keep the sand to play with like a pet litter tray or you can empty it and use the pot as a ‘pet bed’.

The Magic Mirror

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

The Magic Mirror isn’t a ‘mirror’ but a special lens which you can hold over your camera lens to add a sparkly filter to your images. Lillie thought this was really cool.

Lillie’s thoughts

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

Lillie has long been a fan of the LOL series of toys and the Fuzzy Pets did not disappoint her. She has quite the collection at home and loves that they are small enough for her to carry around with her especially when travelling long distances in the car. She will get out her toys to play with and keep travel boredom at bay.

Where to buy

The LOL Surprise!™ Fuzzy Pets Makeover Series are available to buy from all major retailers including Smyths Toy Superstore, The Entertainer, Asda, Argos and Amazon. For further information on the latest releases and to keep up with the conversation check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

10 thoughts on “Lillie reviews LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets”

  1. How cute are they! My eldest is 3 so we are just coming in to the world of little collectible items. I love that you have to de-fuzz them – just a little extra activity to keep the fun going

  2. My daughter is a massive LOL fan, she has added lots to her birthday list. I don’t think she has seen these ones yet but I know she would love them as the pets series are her favourite ones.

  3. My daughter is also obsessed with these LOL dolls but I don’t know why as we have never got her anything of LOL. But these do look pretty cute and I know she’d love this one.

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