Should I Encourage My Child to Learn a Musical Instrument?

There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument, for both children and adults. Of course, it can be quite costly and it doesn’t always come naturally to every single child, but the positive impact it will have will make it a worthwhile investment. With that said, the short answer is yes, you should encourage your child to learn an instrument. For those parents who are undecided about encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument, a private school in Surrey explore the reasons why you should below.

Improve Academic Performance

Learn a musical instrument

Studies have actually shown that children who learn a musical instrument tend to have better overall academic performance. The ability to read music and count rhythms are skills that can be used in lessons, like maths. Music also allows children to express their creativity and express themselves. Generally speaking, learning an instrument improves brain function.

Time Management Skills

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When a child dedicates their time and energy to learn a musical instrument and practise, they become more patient. They must also have excellent time management skills while they are forced to find a balance between school, homework, social life and their hobbies. These are transferrable skills that can be carried throughout all areas of life.

Increase Confidence

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Children who take part in extra-curricular activities are often more confident than those who don’t. This is probably due to the sense of achievement they experience every time they successfully master a song, for example. Extra-curricular activities basically allow children to feel proud of themselves.

The Child’s Choice

Learn a musical instrument

With the above advantages in mind, it’s worth exposing your child to the world of music as soon as possible so that they can experience the positive benefits all throughout their youth. Just make sure that it is actually something your child is interested in and let them pick the instrument, otherwise, it will be a big waste of time and money!

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