Just a perfect day

I’ve had a perfect day with my babies today, although we haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary.  In fact, when I begin my story you’ll probably wonder what is so perfect about it.

Health Check

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Our day began at the Doctors surgery with a double appointment for me to discuss Little Bean and Beanie Boy.  I’ve been worried about Little Bean for a little while now because she seems constantly tired which I think is a result of her poor diet.

She is often very constipated and complains of a tummy ache and has also started to get a few spots on her face.   She just doesn’t seem on top form so I wanted to have her checked over.  The Doctor has now referred her to the Paediatrician so we will see how things go when we get our appointment. 

Cause for celebration

The good news to come from her appointment though was a serious improvement in her weight, after always being somewhere above or below the 0.4th centile for the weight she had actually risen to the 25th centile so I could have jumped for joy!

Reflux misery for Beanie Boy

Beanie Boy’s appointment was to discuss his reflux as this really hasn’t been getting any better, in fact over the last couple of weeks it feels like it has got worse (my washing pile can vouch for that!). 

I asked if he could be referred for cranial osteopathy but the Doctor said that she would not recommend that for him.  He is not upset when he is sick, he appears to be a very happy healthy baby, he is gaining weight well and so basically we just have to ride the storm until he is onto solids.

Sunshine and freedom

When we left the Doctors, the sun was shining beautifully so Little Bean asked if we could go for a walk.  Fresh air for all of us?  Why not!  So we headed off to a local shopping village which has beautiful gardens where she loves to just run and explore.  She particularly likes to walk around the fish pond and look at the big koi carp.  Today though as we were bent over looking in, a couple of the fish decided to cause a big splash which in turn made Little Bean and me jump a foot into the air. 

After that Little Bean was very nervous so we headed over to a raised pond which has no fish where she loves to throw stones in the water – it was at this point I decided that I don’t do enough with her because after throwing a few stones in the water she turned to me and said: “I’m really having lots of fun Mummy”. 

Our Perfect Day

The picture at the top of this post was taken when she asked if she could ride on the train, I looked in my purse and only had one pound coin which I needed for the car park so I said “not this time sorry” but she said that she didn’t mind she would just sit in the train.  She had such fun – for the whole time that we were out, she was a little angel, she walked nicely at the side of the pushchair and did exactly as I asked her to do.  Days like today should happen more often, I feel like I’ve been on lots of happy pills!!!

2 thoughts on “Just a perfect day”

  1. Sometimes the most un-planned days turn out to be the best!
    My little man is impressing me at the moment with his big efforts with potty training. I can’t believe how much a difference it makes when they know themselves that they need to “go”. Its been 4 days now, but I can see such an improvement from when we tried just after Christmas. I give him big hugs and “hi fives” when he’s gone on the potty. He makes me smile too – he gets up and turns round, directs his hands down towards the potty and goes “ta dah” – classic!

    • Ahhh thats fantastic news, I can just picture him being so pleased with himself he’s such a little dude!! Give him a high-5 from me and Little Bean too xxx

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