Giddyup bro!

Since Beanie Boy’s arrival into our lives six months ago tomorrow, I couldn’t be more proud of Little Bean and how well she has coped at no longer being the baby of the family. She has welcomed him with open arms and is extremely caring and attentive towards her baby brother. If he cries, she runs to his side and gives him a cuddle or passes him the toy that he has dropped. If he sneezes she’ll be there with a tissue to wipe his nose, and if he’s sick or fills his nappy – she shouts “Mummmmmy!!” – well I guess I can’t have it all!
Yesterday whilst in the kitchen I could hear her playing with Beanie Boy in the lounge, I could hear him giggling which is always a good sign. Then I heard her saying “Giddyup baby, giddyup” so being anxious intrigued about what they were doing I popped my head around the door to see Beanie Boy laid on his tummy on the floor with Little Bean sitting on his back, bouncing up and down like she was riding a horse. Thankfully he was still smiling by the time I had lifted her off him and his back doesn’t appear to be broken, but it did take a little while for my heart to recover from the shock!

2 thoughts on “Giddyup bro!”

    • That’s the trouble, because things have gone so well and she has been so good I’ve let my guard slip from time to time – I shall be on guard in the future though 😉

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