Where did it go?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself today, where did it go? The last six months have flown by unbelievably fast – today my little Beanie Boy is 6 months old. In the last 6 months my tiny little snuggly bundle has grown into a happy, cheeky, noisy little chappie who can roll over and is starting to sit up unaided. I wanted to celebrate his first half year by doing something special so I’ve put together a little slideshow (well 69 pictures to be precise but its only just over 4 minutes long!) of some of the highlights of his life so far.

I was also going to do a round-up of the news headlines for the day Beanie Boy was born and the last 6 months but honestly, it was pretty depressing stuff and I don’t want to spoil this post as its a celebration!

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