Getting back into shape with Fitbug – Part 1

Up until just over a month ago I had never even heard of Fitbug but now I never leave the house without it (well not intentionally!). I have been sent a Fitbug Air which is a pedometer that links to my laptop by way of a WiFi Dongle (if I’d had an iPhone it would have linked directly to that however I’m an Android girl!). Every morning I clip my Fitbug to my clothing or pop it into my pocket and get on with my day whilst it records my steps. I have been asked if I would like to be a #fitbugmum along with a few others. This is my journey . . .

Setting up was really easy, I created myself an account at and took a few minutes to input all my details, my measurements, my stride length etc and then I was ready to go. My Fitbug Air then talks to my laptop which transfers my steps to my Fitbug account. It’s funny how competitive you soon become with yourself. Each day I can’t help but take a peek at my Fitbug Air to see how my steps are doing that day and if they are less than the day before I find myself trying to think of ways to improve my steps. For the first week of wearing your Fitbug Air you are supposed to carry on with your week as normal, not necessarily ‘trying’ to do more steps. Fitbug needs the opportunity to assess who you really are so that it can set you challenges and targets to meet.

Being a stay-at-home Mum with three young children the only real exercise I get at the moment is the school run and unfortunately I’m usually running late after a sleepless night so we drive to school in the mornings and park about 200 yards from the school gate – not exactly great for exercise! I chase around after the children lots and I haven’t got a clue how many times I must go up and down the stairs each day but it isn’t exercising which is having an effect on my fitness. On a recent ‘Mum’s night out’ I realised just how unfit I was after spending the evening on the dancefloor and feeling like I had run a marathon the following day. I don’t want to feel like that again so it’s time to start making changes now!


I have never considered myself to be a competitive person but since wearing my Fitbug I have become competitive with myself, I find myself checking it daily and feeling disappointed if I haven’t managed as many steps as the day before. Obviously there is only so much I can do with a baby and a pre-schooler in tow but I have made changes. Instead of heading straight back to the car after dropping Beanie Boy at pre-school I walk the long way back to my car around the village as opposed to back through the cut-through and provided the boys have woken up in time from their afternoon naps I have started to walk to school to collect Little Bean. The changes are happening and I am hoping to start seeing some results very soon . . .

In Part 2 – I will tell you about my day with the #fitbugmums and meeting Joanna Hall creator of WalkActive.

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