Bring the spa home and get some ‘me time’ with a steam shower

Magazines may love to show women lounging in baths to relax and get some much-needed “me time” but the reality is even if we have space for a bath, we don’t necessarily get the time to use it and we are very unlikely to want the work of cleaning it. The good news is that steam shower cabins can give all the luxury of a bath in much less space and with much less maintenance.

Steam shower cabins explained

Steam Shower

Even though steam shower cabins have been gaining rapidly in popularity over recent years, they’re still quite niche, so here’s a quick explanation of what to expect from them.

The “cabin” bit means that these shower units are entirely self-contained, so if you’ve been putting off changing out your bath for a shower because you can’t face the hassle and expense of tiling, then your answer is right here.

The “shower” bit means you get two showers, one regular one for giving the inside of the cabin a quick rinse after you’ve finished (to get rid of any foam) and a monsoon one for that real, luxury showering experience, particularly since it will be complemented by hydrotherapy jets to give you a massage as you shower.

The “steam” bit refers to the steam module, which is often partnered with an aromatherapy module, so you can diffuse essential oils in your steam and make the most of their health and wellness benefits.

Most steam shower cabins will also include some enhanced options such as LED lighting, which will sometimes be chromotherapy lighting (also known as colour-therapy lighting), plus a radio and sometimes Bluetooth connectivity as well. Some cabins will have integrated seating, whereas in others you’ll be able to use a freestanding stool.

If you’re worried about children playing with the steam function, you can relax, the control will be set high enough to be out of reach of little hands.

How to make the most of a steam shower cabin

Steam Shower

So now we’ve explained what a steam shower cabin is, you’ll probably be interested to know how they could help you (and your family). Here are some ideas.

Relieve stress

The heat of the steam treatment relaxes your muscles and this encourages your mind to relax as well. You can give it some extra help with appropriate music, perhaps some coloured lighting and maybe your choice of aromatherapy oil. Over time, regular steam treatments will improve your physical wellness, for example, steam treatments boost the immune system, and when you feel well in your body, you’re more likely to feel well in your mind.

Make your skin glow

If you’re doing all the right things for flawless skin and it’s still not looking as good as you think it should, then there’s a strong chance that at least some of your good work is being undone by environmental pollutants. There’s a limit to what can be done by cleansers you put on the skin, steam, by contrast, gets right into the body and cleans it from the inside. As an added bonus, if you have overdone it a bit on the junk food and alcohol, steam will speed up your body’s metabolism and help get the toxins out as quickly as possible. Steam will also open up your skin’s pores which means that during or just after a steam treatment is the perfect time to apply a deep-cleansing treatment such as a face mask or a deep-moisturizing treatment.

Ensure every day is a good hair day

Hair Care

As previously mentioned, steam boosts the body’s metabolism, one of the benefits of this is that it increases the blood flow around the body, including to the scalp, meaning your hair gets extra nourishment from the inside out. The steam itself will also hydrate your hair and it will lift the cuticle so that conditioning treatments can really get right into your hair and actually do some good.

Pro tip: Hair conditioners only work when they are on your hair, which means that using a conditioner after a wash and rinsing it off (almost) straight away is generally just a waste of time and money. You’d probably be better off skipping the regular conditioner and applying a deep conditioning mask after a steam session, when the cuticle is open, then leave it on for as long as recommended.

A note on steam shower cabins and aromatherapy

Quality steam shower cabins will generally come with aromatherapy modules, which basically diffuse your choice of essential oils into the steam. The most obvious result of this is that the air in your steam shower cabin will smell delicious, however, these oils aren’t just about a scent, they have a range of health and wellness benefits and if you do some research online (or at your local health shop), you’ll find plenty of information about which oils are best suited to which condition. The combination of steam showers and essential oils can be most appreciated during the colder months when there are all kinds of miseries going around as they both help to prevent illnesses and to treat them when they do occur.

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