4 Ways Technology Has Made Pregnancy Much Safer Compared to the Old Times

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant mothers when they’re looking forward to starting a new family. It can also produce its share of anxiety. Especially for first-time mothers, you may find yourself learning all you can about the process of pregnancy and giving birth, so you know what to expect. It may help you to know that there are certain technological advantages today that make being pregnant safer and less burdensome than in the past, and the following are a few of these advances.

The Convenience of Online Shopping

Online shopping

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or have morning sickness, going out to do any shopping is probably the last thing you’d want to do. That said, there may be things you need or that your baby will need if you’re close to giving birth. It’s comforting to know that shopping for much of what we want today is a few pushes and swipes away on our smartphones.

There are some items that are harder to get online such as when you need perishable food from the local store. Even in this regard, however, more stores offer online shopping today where you select and pay for everything you want online. After this, you simply go to the store and pick up your groceries from one location without having to walk around the store grabbing each item yourself.

Mobile Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound technology often used to show prospective parents what their baby looks like in the womb, has been in common use for at least a couple of decades in American hospitals. Beyond satisfying the parent’s curiosity, though, it can be very helpful to doctors in showing the healthy and normal development of your baby while in the womb.

The latest breakthrough nowadays is in mobile ultrasound devices. These enable you to have a look at your baby in the womb at home or anywhere else. It sends the sounds and images it picks up to your smartphone through a special app that comes with such devices.

Advanced Technology for Monitoring Contractions


Because contractions are the major indication that you are going into labour, it’s important to time them accurately. The more regular and frequent they become, the sooner you’ll realize that you need to get to the hospital.

There are gadgets that have gotten the measurement of contractions down to a fairly refined science. The device at https://www.bloomlife.com is an example of a wearable pregnancy sensor that you would use in the last month or two of pregnancy, and it keeps track of contractions by measuring electrical signals from the uterine muscles.

Innovative Technology for Increased Safety While Driving

Approximately 3,000 pregnancies are lost each year due to car accidents. A seat belt that’s designed for maximum comfort for a pregnant woman while also affording greater protection for the unborn child would be a welcome development.

There have been innovations that change how seat belts are worn by pregnant women, so the belt does not exert too much pressure on their belly during the force of a crash. The Tummy Shield is an example of such a device, and it should make that drive to the store safer for you and your baby.

For mothers to be, there is definitely no better time to be alive than right now. Not only is medical science better than ever, but there’s a plethora of technology and gadgets that make life during your pregnancy safer and more convenient than ever. These four items above are just the tip of the iceberg on how much better we have it today than our mothers or grandmothers.

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