Effective Ways To Fight Anxiety

Anxiety is pervasive in our fast-paced world, with 40 million Americans suffering every year. That’s 18% of the population, yet only 37% of those afflicted receive treatment. Anxiety can impact every area of your life, and it is essential to seek treatment for your overall quality of life and well being.

If you are struggling with this condition, read on to learn five effective ways to fight anxiety:

1. Use CBD oil

Effective Ways To Fight Anxiety
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CBD is skyrocketing in popularity, and for a good reason! CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a type of cannabinoid with numerous health benefits. While it comes from the hemp plant, it contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a ‘high’ feeling. In animal studies, CBD is proven to fight numerous conditions, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, seizures, inflammatory disorders, and psychosis.

While more human studies are needed, the evidence is promising, and many people report anecdotal improvements in their symptoms. People even use it with their pets to reduce anxiety, separation-related stress, and arthritic pain. You can easily get CBD gummies online from various online stores.

2. Exercise more

Effective Ways To Fight Anxiety
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Exercise is an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety that relieves tension and boosts your mental status. Aerobic activity releases endorphins, which reduces pain and increases pleasure, improving your mental well being.

The more mindfully you exercise, the more endorphins you release, so pay attention to your five senses while you exercise. Notice the air temperature, the feeling of your feet on the pavement, your lungs expanding in your chest, etc. Developing your “mind to muscle” connection allows you to build fitness faster, prevent injuries, and enjoy greater relaxation. It separates you from racing thoughts and puts you in the present moment, which reduces rumination and worrying.

Anxiety causes tense muscles, and exercising helps relax them, which can break the cycle. By physically relaxing your tense muscles, you may find that your mental status follows. Deep stretching is very beneficial, as is yoga, because it combines strength training, aerobic exercise, and mindfulness into one.

3.    Utilise breathing exercises

Effective Ways To Fight Anxiety
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Breath is a powerful tool for relaxation that many people sadly neglect. Breathwork encourages mindfulness, which helps anxiety, but it also directly links to your physiological response.

When people feel anxious, they inhale tight, quick, shallow breaths. Chest breathing disrupts the carbon dioxide to oxygen balance in the body and leads to a faster heart rate, tension, and dizziness due to lack of oxygenation. This increases the stress response, making the anxiety even worse.

By breathing deeply with the diaphragm, which lies in the belly area, you reverse this and allow the body to slow the heart rate and relax. To test how you breathe, put one hand on your chest and one on your belly, and notice which hand feels the breath rise. Ideally, your hand on your belly raises higher and feels the intake of breath. Practice this throughout your day- you can try this when driving, on the bus, in line at the grocery store, etc. You might be surprised at how this one simple habit can change your mental and physical state.

You can also try taking a slow, deep inhale through the nose, holding for a moment, and then exhaling slowly through the mouth with the lips slightly open. Exhale completely and try to make the exhale longer than the inhale. Pause with no breath before taking your next inhale, and repeat until you feel your heart rate slow and your body relax.

 So don’t wait and start the above-discussed ways to get effective results. Get relief from anxiety and enjoy your life without interruptions.

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