How do I install a wine cooler?

Guide for Installing a wine cabinet

How do I install a wine cooler? 1

A built-in wine cabinet is indispensable if you are a real wine lover and crazy about wines. After all, your favourite wines taste best when stored correctly and served at the right temperature. But a built-in wine climate cabinet is not only ideal for storing a stock of wines and being able to serve them immediately at temperature. They are also a real eye-catcher in many kitchens.

Perfect addition to many kitchens

Many (design) kitchens are nowadays equipped with all conceivable built-in appliances. It used to stop with a built-in refrigerator or dishwasher. Nowadays you see the most beautiful built-in appliances such as steam ovens, coffee machines and combi microwaves. For the true wine lover, a beautiful built-in wine fridge cannot be missed.

The sleek design fits perfectly in a sleek kitchen. The black colour with a stainless steel finish and the beautiful wooden shelves on the inside provide a modern yet chic addition to your kitchen. The built-in wine cooling flows seamlessly into the kitchen cabinets.

Our line of BODEGA43 wine cabinets suitable for installation

Our range of wine cabinets with compressors is both a technical and aesthetic point of view, designed in such a way that they are suitable for individual free-standing installation as well as for installation. Before purchasing, pay attention to the outside dimensions of the wine climate cabinet and your kitchen’s built-in niche. We will elaborate on this later in this blog.

Whether the wine cooler is placed free-standing or built-in, the design is always timeless and sleek. You can choose from a full glass door (black-tinted edges) or a glass door with a chic black stainless steel frame. This way, you will always find a design that suits your kitchen.

What should I pay attention to when installing the wine cooler

When you choose a built-in wine cooler, it is important to take a few things into account.

Correct niche dimensions 

Before purchasing, pay close attention to the external dimensions of the built-in wine fridge and the niche dimensions of your (existing) kitchen. In principle, our wine climate cabinets suitable for installation have dimensions that take the standard niche dimensions into account. Nevertheless, it is important to always measure niche dimensions.

Accurately measure the height of the niche. This is the inside of the space between which the climate cabinet will be placed. Niche dimensions of kitchens are standardized dimensions but also measure the width and depth for verification. The standard niche width for kitchens is 60 centimetres, but there may be minor differences.

A small margin is needed so that the wine climate cabinet can be slid into the niche. When measuring the depth, allow for a little extra play. Equipment should not be placed flush against the back wall for ventilation purposes.

Find the right built-in wine cooler

How do I install a wine cooler? 2

Now that the niche dimensions are known, you can find the suitable models on our product page – possibly with the help of the filter. Always tick the box for “Compressor with fan” for refrigeration. This filters out the models that are not suitable for installation. Please note that this only applies to our own webshop since our climate cabinets with compressors are suitable for both free-standing installation and installation. This can differ per brand / webshop.

The height of the wine climate cabinet can always be adjusted slightly (max. 2 cm) with the help of the adjustable feet. The height indicated in the specifications is the minimum height. The indicated depth is the depth excluding the handle.

Power supply

Make sure that the wine cooler at the back can be connected to the power network.

How do I install a wine cooler? 3

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