DIY Mother’s Day Gifting #HomebaseMothers

When I was little I used to love making gifts for my Mum whether it was for Mother’s Day, Valentines, Christmas or Birthday, I loved seeing the look on her face when she opened something which I had made myself. It used to make me feel proud to see that she kept them all even years later. Now that I am the Mum, I know the joy it brings to receive a gift made especially for you by your little ones, so on Saturday we took part in the #HomebaseMothers Family Arts and Crafts workshop at Homebase in Selyoak, Birmingham.

DIY Mother's Day Gifting #HomebaseMothers

The workshop was hosted by Jane Gois, owner of Tea and Crafting who was fabulous with the children, especially the over-attentive Jelly Bean who took quite the shine to her. During the workshop we were taught how to make Personalised Coasters and Macrame Plant Hangers. In other workshops held over the weekend I believe they were also making Picture Wall Art and a Personalised Breakfast Tray. Full instructions can be found over at Homebase Kids.

Personalised Coasters


Making the Personalised Coasters is the perfect DIY craft for any age and ability. If you are making a gift from a baby or toddler, simply painting their hand and pressing it onto a plain or painted tile and then covered with PVA glue to seal it makes a very special and cost-effective gift.


The Beans all loved doing this craft and all had their own ideas about what they wanted to do, Curly went for a ‘Mummy Matters’ coaster for my desk, Little Bean made a love heart in fingerprints (she knows I love fingerprints) and the younger boys decided that Mummy would LOVE a pair of Dinosaur coasters drawn by their own fair hands (and I do).

Macrame Plant Hangers


Little Bean spotted the plant hangers pretty much as soon as we arrived at the workshop so she couldn’t wait to get started with Jane. They were surprisingly simple to make using just sash cord and curtain rings which are readily available and always low prices at Homebase. Little Bean loved the activity so much that she couldn’t wait to show her friend who came over later in the evening.


Homebase is as a great place for families to go and be inspired to DIY and create crafts together. When thinking about doing crafts with the children I must admit, I rarely think about heading to Homebase I just automatically head to the craft shop but it’s such good value for money and the Homebase Kids channel has some great inspirational posts. I know we will be having a go at some more of their projects on rainy days and school holidays.


DIY for everyone

I started my first DIY projects when I was very young, my Grandad used to let me help him to paint around the house and do simple woodwork tasks. As a result I have always loved to get stuck in with jobs around the house so I’m keen to get my children involved too. DIY doesn’t have to be left to the men, it can be a real family affair so I’d highly recommend a family trip to your nearest store to see what projects you can do together.

Stay posted on the latest projects

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