The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home Are Your Towels—Here’s a Quick Fix

What do you think the dirtiest thing in your home is? The toilet? The dog’s bowl? NOPE.


The Daily Mail reported that the dirtiest things in our homes are our towels. Yes, the same towels you use to dry your hands and wash your face.

Our towels have become a home for harmful viruses and bacteria. One study found that 90% of towels contained germs that could make you ill, and over 1 in 7 towels contained E.coli!

And, now that COVID-19 and the flu are threatening to enter our homes, it’s more important than ever not to give them a place to hide.

Luckily, there’s a way to get rid of these germ-infested towels forever. The key is to switch to antimicrobial alternatives like Soji towels. They’re softer, cleaner, and more durable than your normal towels, and they’ll stay 99.9% germ-free forever! Now, you can get a set for a huge discount if you pre-order, so it’s a great time to make the change.

How Do Our Towels Get So Dirty?

How can towels possibly be the dirtiest things in our homes? You wash them often enough, right? And you only use them after you’ve showered or washed your hands!

It’s not so important to know what makes towels get so dirty. It’s more important that they are an ideal home for germs. Towels are often damp and have lots of dark crevices. Germs love this type of environment because it makes it easy for them to replicate.

That means, even if your towels are only exposed to a small number of germs, their colonies can grow extremely quickly. For example, just 3 days after a wash, the average towel already contains 450x more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Studies have also found that these are the types of germs that can make you sick, exacerbate allergies, and cause acne breakouts.

Antimicrobial Towel

It’s time to stop cleaning our faces and drying our hands with 450 toilet seats. There is a better way.

Switch to Soji, The Antimicrobial Towel

The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home Are Your Towels—Here’s a Quick Fix 1

Soji will completely eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, and allergens that attempt to live on its surface. It’s the towel that stays clean forever, making your bathroom a safer place.

How does it work?

Every thread of Soji is infused with real silver. Silver has natural antimicrobial properties that keep it 99.9% sterile for life. So, when you add this silver to your towel, you get a towel that keeps 99.9% clean forever.

Even without regular washing, germs are incapable of surviving and replicating on Soji. This makes the towel perfect for busy moms, teens, and students.

Just imagine: every time you dry off after a shower, you’ll enjoy the same just-cleaned freshness. And, each time you wash your face, you’ll know that you’re not adding harmful bacteria to your skin.

A Healthier Home


Switching to Soji will turn the dirtiest object in your home into the cleanest one. And because we use towels so frequently, this can limit the spread of infectious germs and illness-causing viruses and bacteria. It can even help to stop the spread of viruses like the flu and COVID-19.

Antimicrobial towels are also ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Many who have daytime allergies don’t realize that they’re breathing in loads of mould and fungus spores from their towel every morning. Switching to Soji could make your allergies all but vanish.

Finally, Soji towels won’t spread germs to other parts of your home. You can use them in any room of the house without the risk of getting anything dirty. They’ll always be germ-free.

That New-Towel Smell

Don’t you love the smell of just-washed towels? Too bad it only lasts until that damp towel smell sets in after a day or two.

But here’s the secret: Those towel odours are caused by mould and bacteria growth on your towel. If you had a towel that made bacteria and mould growth impossible… you know where we’re going with this.

Soji towels always smell fresh and new. It’s like drying off with a just-washed towel every day.

Plushy and Fluffy

The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home Are Your Towels—Here’s a Quick Fix 2

What really sets Soji antimicrobial towels apart is their super cushy feel. They’re so comfortable that kids like to use them as blankets (and moms do too!). Other antimicrobial towels can be rough and scratchy. Who wants to rub down with an uncomfortable towel?

Soji is different. It’s made with a special type of fabric called Bamboo cotton, recognised by many as the softest cotton you can get. It’s the same material used in towels at 5-star hotels and spas.

Because Soji is also bigger than the average bath towel, you can wrap up nice and tight in it. It feels like getting a hug from a pile of puppies!

We use Soji towels in bed, on the couch, at the park, and at the pool. They are amazing for picnics. We never have to worry about them getting dirty, no matter where we go. If Soji becomes stained or gets some filth on it, we just toss it in the wash like any other towel.

Clearer Skin 

You wouldn’t guess how many skin issues come from your dirty towel. But it makes sense if you think about it. Your towel is the first thing you rub on your skin every day and the last thing that touches your skin before bed.

When you coat your freshly-cleaned skin with bacteria, it can cause a number of problems including redness, dermatitis, and breakouts. If you do this every day, you can develop chronic problems.

If you have sensitive skin, you should stop using a harsh towel on your face immediately. Get Soji and make sure that your face stays clean after you wash it so you can build up your natural oils and defences.

Soji: The Forever-Clean Towel

The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home Are Your Towels—Here’s a Quick Fix 3

If you could remove the dirtiest thing in your house and replace it with a snuggly-soft, totally sterile substitute, wouldn’t you do it?

There’s no reason to keep using gross, musty towels. Soji is a superior alternative. Developed by science and made with 100% natural materials, Soji is simply a better towel for your health.

Say goodbye to damp towels, nasty odours, breakouts, allergies, and lurking germs. Switch to Soji and keep your family safe from infection.

Now is a better time than ever to try Soji towels. The new line is available for pre-order at discounts of up to 50% off. That means you can get real silver-infused towels (not normally cheap) for the price of a set of normal towels. Don’t miss out! Order yours right here and enjoy that new-towel smell and feel every day—forever.

The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home Are Your Towels—Here’s a Quick Fix 4

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