How to Decorate your living room with Pantone colour of the year

Warmth, strength, hopefulness, and dependability are all found at home. Pantone colours, like every other year, have an underlying symbolism that represents strength and hopefulness. 

This year’s Pantone colours are unique in that they are composed of two colours rather than one. As a result, you get to experience twice the joy! This gives your two fantastic Pantone colour options to brighten up your home! 

The colours grey and yellow send out a message of hope and uplift to everyone, which is essential in this post-pandemic year. But here are some other Pantone colours that will balance it quickly. Grey, despite being an all-neutral setting, branding art will help you to decor your home uniquely. 

So take notes and start planning your Pantone home interiors with the hope of bringing your family hope, health, and happiness.

Choose a neutral focal point 

Choose a grey sectional sofa for your living room as the focal point when curating and styling a corner. Through layers of soft furnishings, simple furniture, artwork, and accessories, the play of the two shades around it eventually becomes seamless. You can also choose a wall art like this, as shown in the image above. 

Play with shapes 

During tea or coffee breaks, an angular yellow end table doubles as a bookcase. It can be placed on the side or brought in front of the sofa. The alluring, eye-catching colour enhances the room’s dynamic. 

You will style two solid yellow vases behind the sofa and a fishbowl with many fresh calendulas. You can add them to the coffee table in front of it as part of the more decorative elements.

Accents galore: pillows, throws & rugs

Gray is a versatile colour that works well on walls and rugs. When the interior is too bright, a grey carpet and a couple of cushions can help balance it. Gray can quickly elevate a quirky piece of furniture despite its rarity as a colour for accents and accessories. Furthermore, styles branding adds a visual grounding layer to a luxurious interior design without detracting from its classy vibes as an all-neutral setting.

Depending on the sunny shade and overall palette, yellow room decor can be calm, energetic, or even dramatic. Sometimes all you need is a smidgeon of yellow to brighten up the room. Against a black, white, blue, or grey background, this colour usually pops.

Feature wall

Gray can convey any effect you want, from a neutral backdrop to a feature wall. It also can be classic or modern, soothing or dramatic, laid-back or highly sophisticated. A selection of monochromatic grey shades can define a space as light and airy, refined yet dynamic. 

Illuminating is the Pantone colour of the year for 2021 for a reason. It’s gleaming and lustrous, saturated with colour, and impossible to ignore. When those qualities are used in moderation, they work best. Having this colour all around you can be overstimulating and cause anxiety.

Yellow, on the other hand, is perfect for a bright feature wall that never impresses. Take it a step further by branding and highlighting with transparent materials such as plexiglass.

Colour trends headboards

Hexagons aren’t just for tiles; they also make incredible headboards. Adding a few yellow and black fields to a plain grey headboard elevates it from ordinary to extraordinary. Bright accents are needed to keep the interior from feeling sterile or dull when using strong neutrals like Ultimate Gray. A smidgeon of yellow adds just the right amount of glitz to make it work.

Alternatively, a bold yellow headboard – or even the entire bed – can be used. A monochromatic backdrop promotes sleep by creating a calm and secure resting environment. 

A bright, contrasting bed, on the other hand, will make mornings feel fresh and energised. Accessorise with a variety of textures and patterns to add depth and complete the look.

Furniture as a focal point

Is it possible for something as calm, solid, and inherently neutral as the ultimate grey to be a statement piece of furniture? Yes, it is possible! The emphasis on abstract art is reflected in furniture design as well. 

Curvy shapes and surrealist designs in neutral hues create a new page of refinement in minimalist interiors. Without screaming, “I am King!” such items boldly dominate the low-key space.

A sculpted grey sofa has no shortage of versatility when compared to typical contemporary furniture. It will look equally at home in fashionable maximalist settings when surrounded by abstract wall design and colourful details.

If you’ve been longing for a bright yellow sofa, the Pantone colour of the year for 2021 has provided the perfect opportunity. It can make a bold statement. You can either go for a new, fashionably abstract piece or a vintage one updated with sumptuous velvet. If you’re not ready to commit, a nice slipcover will suffice.

A bright yellow sofa, on the other hand, might be too much for some. If that’s the case, a pair of colourful styles and pieces in the primary room is a great alternative. Interior designers with a sense of humour can go for a cheeky option like a yellow tea table.

Select a down-to-earth color palette

Take inspiration from nature; a blue and green colour scheme is ideal for creating a soothing and nurturing environment. This down-to-earth look evokes the serenity of nature, whether you’re designing a quiet sitting room or a luxurious bathroom. 

For a quick and easy update to the look of your space, use classic blue furniture to highlight deep green walls. And incorporate various shades into a neutral colour scheme. Houseplants in blue flowerpots and vases will add a splash of colour to your space.

An art piece in Classic Grey

Classic grey’s timeless quality is evident in its frequent appearance in traditional design. This contemplative tone is universal in its appeal. Decorate your living space with artwork in classic grey and yellow styles. You can also find an original piece of art or look online for some templates. 

The bottom line

Finally, Pantone’s combination makes it simple to embrace a primary colour scheme. It is gaining traction as part of a significant 1980s Memphis-style revival. These ideas can help to create a different or quite as vibrant look for your room. Pantone’s 2021 grey and yellow combination can be used as a foundation for other bold colours.

How to Decorate your living room with Pantone colour of the year 6

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