CBD 101: The Benefits You Need to Know About

The exponential growth in marijuana popularity is mainly because of CBD, the miraculous part of the cannabis plant. Because it has no psychoactive effects, many states have approved it, and many people can now enjoy its benefits.

The legalization of this plant is still an ongoing topic that is yet to be discussed worldwide. However, all the economic and social benefits are already noted in areas where cannabis is legal, which creates an additional push for legalization in other countries.  

CBD benefits

Because of the legalization, medical and scientific research has come up with evidence about all the health benefits that cannabidiol offers. Brands and online shops like Grasscity have stepped up by offering high-quality products and devices for CBD consumption, including these vape pens, bongs, and different types of dab rigs, to name a few. And to help you understand if CBD is the right medication for your condition, we have made this article.

More Appetite, More Sleep

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Adequate sleeping time and getting enough nourishments are essential for everyone’s health. For that reason, it is important to ensure their quality.

Trouble sleeping is something that everyone faces at some point in their lives. The next day is doomed since you cannot do anything, and your circadian rhythm gets distorted.

Since CBD binds to the cannabinoid system, it promotes sleep and reduces the anxious feelings you get when you lay down. The stress-relieving features of the cannabinoids also help in relaxation and let you fall asleep faster.

When it comes to eating, clinical evidence shows that THC has better appetite induction. However, its psychological effects are not suitable for many. For that reason, the combination of THC and cannabidiol is a great choice since CBD reduces the psychological effect while maintaining appetite promotion.

Provides Pain Relief

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Living with chronic pain worsens the quality of a person’s life dramatically. But with CBD, you can trigger the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, which are responsible for many activities, including pain-relieving. This was from a case study where the CBD effects were proven for pain treatment.

Some studies were also performed on mice, and when given cannabidiol, they felt less pain from their incisions. This is another piece of evidence that CBD is effective against pain.

In addition, regular pain killers and opiates cause serious complications, and they often end up in addiction. As mentioned above, cannabidiol is not psychoactive and does not lead to addiction. That makes CBD an excellent treatment alternative that significantly increases the quality of the patient’s life.

Reduces Seizures

As scary as seizures look, the importance of treating them increases. However, CBD has been confirmed as a medication against seizures, especially in certain syndromes that affect small children. The FDA approved a medication called Epidiolex, which contains a hundred milligrams per millilitre of cannabidiol.

Multiple studies show effects such as a significant drop in the frequency of seizures. More precisely, taking CBD medications decreases the seizure rate by more than 40 per cent. Compared to the other medications, cannabidiol also has fewer alter effects and usually includes sleepiness.

Reduces Anxiety

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Although cannabis consumption is often related to a cause of anxiety, multiple studies show the effects of cannabidiol for reducing anxiety attacks. Anxiety can be too overwhelming, especially for people who work jobs that require public speaking.

For that reason, the study participants were given a dose of CBD and were put to public speaking. The results came in where the anxiolytic properties of cannabidiol were confirmed. Medications should not be taken on your own, however, so make sure you speak to your doctor about the possibility of including CBD in your anxiety treatment.

Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

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Although this is a topic that still requires research, the current studies show that CBD can be effective against behavioural problems due to Alzheimer’s. In addition, cannabidiol was shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s because of its neuroprotective functions.

Likewise, better results were shown when THC and cannabidiol were combined. However, since there is still more research required, we are yet to see the effects of CBD on Alzheimer’s more precisely.


As a substance with multi-systematic effects, these are not the only health benefits CBD offers. With many other treatment implications, cannabidiol can be the medication of choice for many people to improve their quality of life.

Then again, since we are talking about medical treatment, remember that each individual is unique and requires a different approach. For that reason, make sure to speak with your doctor to understand if cannabidiol is effective for your condition.

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