What is Loungewear? – 5 Different Styles of Loungewear

Loungewear is a term used for loose-fitting, informal clothing for indoors. Today, sustainable loungewear is not confined to indoors only but can be worn outside. Loungewear is relaxed and cosy to provide the comfort you need during your time off from work, exercise, or home.

What is loungewear?


Loungewear is a broad term used to describe clothing where you can lounge around. Some people use the term interchangeably with pyjamas, but that’s not exactly right. Instead, it’s a comfortable clothing for relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, shopping sprees, or even going to the movies. The best thing is that loungewear is also great for men, who often can’t find comfortable clothing to lounge around in. The best types of loungewear are soft and warm and will keep us cosy throughout the year no matter what the weather conditions entail.

Types of loungewear


Leggings are among the most common types of sustainable loungewear for women. These long, tight-fitting pants offer a comfortable alternative to jeans or dress pants. They are often made from cotton blends or other soft, stretchy material that is easy to move in. Many people wear leggings under dresses and skirts, but they can also be worn independently.



Joggers are great because they’re comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The elastic waist and fitted ankle make them super comfortable, but they also look polished enough to wear out of the house. They’re perfect for low-key events like movie nights or shopping at the mall because they’re easy to move in but stylish.

Camisoles & Tanks

Camisoles and tanks are a must in any woman’s wardrobe. They come in handy when you need a little extra coverage under sheer tops or low-cut dresses. You can also wear them as nightwear or under sweaters and blazers for an added layer of warmth. These are great pieces for layering because they are thin and often very comfortable against the skin.

The Silky Set


If you’re not into cosy knits but still want to be comfortable at home and look good, the silky set might be your best bet. But just because these sets are made from silkier fabrics doesn’t mean they won’t be comfortable to wear around the house. These sets tend to have relaxed fits and are made from soft and lightweight fabrics like satin and charmeuse.


Sweatpants are made out of fleece, and they’re designed to keep the sweat in. They have an elastic waistband. They don’t typically have pockets, but sometimes they do. Nevertheless, sweatpants are not supposed to be confused with jogging pants or tracksuit bottoms, although the lines between these different types of pants often blur. The main difference is that jogging pants are tapered at the ankle and sweatpants are not, but truly the only way to know for sure is to ask the wearer what kind of pants he’s wearing.

Bottom Line


The idea behind sustainable loungewear is simple. It’s the clothing you wear when you feel like wearing your pyjamas, but you need to get out of the house anyway. Loungewear is designed to be comfortable, easy to move around in, and adaptable to any situation – a little nicer than old sweats, but not as formal as a full suit of clothes.

What is Loungewear? - 5 Different Styles of Loungewear 1

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