Stay atop the fashion game! Carry your everyday outfits like a diva

Look great, feel great.

We all try our best to look good. We play around with our outfits and accessories so we can present ourselves well to the world.

Take the compliment

Have you ever received a compliment and noticed your face light up with a smile?

Compliments are the ultimate confidence booster that adds to your self-worth. You automatically feel more productive, and you end up having a great day. Such is the power of a simple compliment.

Everyday outfits

When it comes to fashion, we all have our preferences. Some like to keep it simple; others love the attention.

The rule of the jungle is dress to impress. The concept of living fashionably has been subjected to significant debate.

You don’t need a full wardrobe!

While some of us think that being fashionable means having a closet full of high-end pieces, well, they are mistaken. There is more to the equation than buying items off the high-end rack to upgrade your arsenal. Unfortunately, we all have to manage our expenses appropriately, and spending all your earnings on clothes is not the best idea – especially when you are on a budget.

In reality, fashion exceeds trends. In the timeless words of Coco Chanel . . .

“Fashions fade, only style remains the same.”

Fashion is who you are; it is who you wish to be; it is how you see the world – fashion, more than anything else, is a state of mind.

How to rock everyday outfits like a diva

Stay atop the fashion game! Carry your everyday outfits like a diva 1

If you wish to stay atop the fashion game, all you need is a few nips and tucks and a little inspiration. Don’t be afraid to try something new, we love this Punk Rave ensemble.

Here are our favourite tips for rocking everyday outfits like a diva.

Know your body

Let’s get into one of the quintessential basics of fashion – knowing your body. We all come in different shapes and sizes. No one is perfect.

We have our insecurities. To counter that feeling of discomfort, we try to hide those less than perfect parts of our body. The more you study your body, the more you will know about does and does not work for you. Wearing the right clothes can help you guise your shortcomings. The trick is to distract attention away from your weak points and drawing them to your strengths.

Analyse your régime

Your daily regime entails your profession, your company, and your lifestyle on the whole. Some amongst us are required to look polished and professional daily. Others among us can get away with a casual ensemble.

Base your style picks based on your lifestyle and regime. If you spend your days in a casual tee and ripped jeans, you do not need to invest a fortune in formal wear. Similarly, if you live and breathe in a blazer and pumps, you need not spend much on a collection of sneakers. Find your place and curate your style accordingly.

Build an accessory arsenal


Your clothes are only a piece of your outfit puzzle. There are many other pieces that adjunct together perfectly to paint the portrait of your ensemble. These additional pieces are your accessories.

If you are looking to spend your money on something, accessories are the deities that can take an outfit from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. From bags to shoes to jewellery – have a peek,  to everything in between, accessories are a girl’s best friend.

Plan your outfits

None of us are strangers to that dreaded feeling of standing in front of a closet full of clothes and not having anything to wear. The best way to avoid is to plan your outfits. Think of it as meal prep. Decide what you plan on wearing for the rest of the week. Besides planning your outfit, you should try to incorporate some basics into your wardrobe for each season. For fall, you will need to add layers, cute accessories such as scarves which will definitely make your look more sophisticated and complete. To get more fall outfit ideas, simply visit

Not only will this save you a lot of time in the mornings, but it makes everything smooth sailing and stress-free. Going to work is stressful enough; every bit of stress relief helps.

Search for style inspiration

Style Inspiration

Pick out your favourites. There is always someone whose fashion sense you vibe with. Well, why not draw inspiration from their style to up your own game? This is the age of Instagram. Fashion bloggers are working harder than ever. Make use of their content and find your style home.

Step out of your comfort zone

Perhaps, this is the most challenging step amid all of them. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be incredibly difficult.

If you love a minimalistic outlook, colour may intimidate you. Similarly, if you love colour, black might not exactly be your cup of tea.

The trick is to take it one step at a time. Test the waters before jumping in headfirst. Trying out something new might just end up in you finding exactly what you had been missing in your life.

Create a wardrobe capsule

Capsule wardrobe

The concept of a wardrobe capsule drives inspiration from time capsules. A capsule wardrobe is one that comprises of classic pieces that you know will not fail you even years into the future.

These trusty pieces are the ones that need no thinking. You can trust them to work whenever wherever. You are looking for seamless leggings, a couple of tees and crisp dress shirts, a black dress, and chic jewellery like timeless pearls.

Create your own wardrobe capsule, so you have a go-to stack of options that you know will never let you down.

Wear more statement pieces

There are some things that you just look at and think, “WOW!” Statement pieces such as Umgee Clothing are unabashedly bold pieces that are not afraid to attract all the attention.

A big leopard printed coat, a blazing red leather jacket, perhaps a shiny sling bag for women – these are some of the items everyone needs a little bit of.

Invest in a striking pair of electric blue boots, perhaps or a fiery orange statement bag. These attention-grabbing pieces are all you need to take a basic outfit to a banger. If you want to look fashion-forward, bring a little more wow to your everyday look.

Follow the rule of three


Every outfit needs three key pieces to work fantastically – a handbag, shoes, and sunglasses. When confused about accessorizing, remember to follow this rule of three quintessential items.

A handbag is practical, handy, and makes an impression. You can say a lot about a girl by just seeing her shoes. Make sure yours say the right thing about you. Your safest bet is a stunning pair of pumps – simple, statement, and no-nonsense; there are no complains here.

As for sunglasses, you need something to block out the haters, don’t you? Find your statement pair to look and feel like a diva from within.

Polish your hair and makeup skills

The way you present yourselves to the world speaks volumes about your personality. You can choose to look like a hobo with a head of tousled hair and a washed-out face or someone who has their life together by tucking your hair into a neat bun with a kiss of lipstick and a hint of blush.

No one is asking you to sport a smoky black eye every day. Learn to keep it simple but polished. If you are someone who does not even know how to hold a makeup brush, now is the time to start getting into YouTube tutorials.

Parting Thoughts

Everyday outfits

Fashion is personal, for it is a true reflection of who you are. Trends are refreshing and fun, but there is no denying the fact that they are disposable. Blink, and you will find a new trend hitting the shelves.

Build your style around timeless fashion that stays true to its essence. Use our tips to up your fashion game this year. Just remember to have fun with it because there are no rules in the world of fashion.

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