5 Fashion Tips for Busy Working Mums

If you’re a mum who also has a full-time job – well done, girl, you are our hero! Millions of women are in the same position these days, so we’re here to help all of you look flawless every day. Here are five fashion tips for busy working mums you should know about, so check them out and enjoy!

Fill your wardrobe with top-quality basics

5 Fashion Tips for Busy Working Mums

Needless to say, quality basics are essential for every busy working mum who doesn’t want to waste time on her outfits every day. This is simply because garments such as a white button-down shirt, black pants, a tailored blazer, and a pair of simple yet effective stilettos will never go out of style. Of course, be sure to get several pieces of each item, as that’s the only way always to have clean clothes to wear to work – especially if your laundry day is on Saturday or Sunday. The best thing about the basics is that you can easily match them with each other. This will save you a lot of time in the morning when you’re already in a hurry!

Always opt for designer evening wear

When it comes to formalwear, we highly suggest opting for designer pieces. High fashion is always a fabulous choice – particularly if you want to be perceived as a classy woman with impeccable personal style. If you want to support fellow businesswomen, be sure to choose brands run by women, too. For example, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney are two amazing designers who create garments that emphasize femininity and women’s beauty. So, if you have an important occasion coming up, opt for a classic designer evening dress, and you won’t make a mistake!

Pick classic outfits appropriate for the business environment

On the other hand, your outfits should be appropriate to the setting you’re working in when it comes to the everyday business environment. Many companies all across the globe – including in Australia – still have a stringent dress code. It requires their employees to dress in a certain way, and if that’s the case with your workplace, ensure to pick your outfits carefully. For example, women’s workwear in Australia usually includes basic collared shirts, cropped pants, lightweight culottes, and pencil skirts. These are essential for all women, so be sure to get them, too, and you’ll do a great job picking appropriate business-friendly clothing combos!

Embrace slow fashion

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The entire world has switched to fast fashion these days. Millions of women are buying very cheap, low-quality garments just because these are much more accessible than slow fashion items. However, you must know that this is a completely wrong approach. Fast fashion is detrimental to our environment and our planet in general, which is why you should switch to its complete opposite – slow fashion. Not following trends will save you a lot of money in the long run. When you invest in high-quality pieces, you’ll get to wear them for years, which is why you won’t have to repurchase the same items all over again. Besides that, slow fashion garments are often made from natural fabrics such as organic cotton and linen, far healthier for your skin and the environment than synthetic ones. Bear that in mind!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with interesting accessories

Last but certainly not least, rediscovering your fashion style as a busy working mum can be done in several ways. Experimenting with interesting accessories is one of them, and it can definitely elevate every outfit and make it more fashionable. This is particularly true if you have to follow a strict dress code that includes the aforementioned basics. Even though these garments look simple yet very effective, you should add a couple of accessories to spice up every clothing combo. For example, an elegant wristwatch is never a bad idea. It’ll add a touch of luxury to every outfit and take it to a whole new level. The same goes for necklaces with beautiful pendants and gorgeous earrings. Possibilities are truly infinite with accessories!

As you can see, there are so many great fashion tips every busy working mum should keep in mind. Of course, these five are the best ones out there, so stick to them, and you’ll see what we were talking about. Just follow our guidelines, and you’ll see an instant improvement, without a doubt!

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