Camping cooking and the great outdoors

Camping cooking and being in the great outdoors alone is one of the greatest things you can ever experience in your life. It’s a chance to get a feel for what our ancestors had to deal with all those many years ago when there were no such things as toasters, stove & the all-mighty microwave. Meals, however, are very important.

Camping Cooking

Camping Cooking

I and my family were never much for fish but there are many other things that can be cooked over an open fire and some of which even taste much better cooked over the fire than cooked on a stove or range. Actually, most of them taste better over the open fire than from a kitchen stove.

Cooked Breakfast

Camping Breakfast

One all-time favourite is always going to be breakfast. You can cook a Cumberland sausage, eggs, or bacon. Experiment with a new French toast recipe or pancakes, hash browns, fried potatoes, and even regular toast on the open flames. All you really need is a cast-iron skillet so that it will withstand the heat of the open flames. And then there’s the coffee. Most of us need our morning coffee to get the day started. That, too, can be brewed over an open flame with the appropriate flame retardant percolator.

Camping Grill

Campingaz Party Grill 600

We, as many, choose to roast hot dogs or brats, grill hamburgers, steaks, ham, certain fruits can be grilled as well, baked beans or other vegetables over the open flame and then once we are done cooking our meal, what’s all-time American favourite over the campfire? That’s right…..roasted marshmallows. Everyone, especially the children love to roast marshmallows over the open flame. Add a few graham crackers and some chocolate and voila, you have yourself an s’ mores. If you’re not a fan of a naked flame then try the Campingaz Party Grill which is what we use, it works as an oven too!!

Let’s hear it for our ancestors!


We today, have no idea what our ancestors went through back in their day; the days of having to hunt for their food, kill it, clean it; then cook it up and eat it. They didn’t have all of the amenities that we today have or all of the different types of foods that they can prepare. Let’s face it, back then there were no butchers to cut speciality meats or to grind that meat into hamburger so that you could have a nice juicy hamburger.

Today’s society is rather spoiled and I think if each and every one of us had to spend a week out in the wilderness, fending for food and trying to live like our ancestors, well, then maybe there would be a better appreciation for all of the luxuries that we have today.

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